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The Next Big Hip Hop DJ – DJ Flee

[ 1 ] June 6, 2019 |

Starting his life of as a club promoter, DJ Flee, then tried to make his name in basketball, before finding his niche as a DJ with his full name Bodega Flee. He’s part of the heavy hitters lineup. He started his career in New York, but has since moved to the south, and found a slot at The Beats (104.5), where he has run riot, promoting great new artists and tracks to the underground and radio scene. His high energy enthusiasm has brought him to the attention of publications such as TMZ, Bleacher, and The Source.

Artists that have credited him with blowing up their career include the miami based artist Zoey Dollaz, and his hit “Blow a Check”. DJ Flees signature style is an infusion of old school mixing, with new school and west meets east coast. You can keep up to date with his escapades on his Twitter, or Instagram.


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I’m a part-time DJ and music digger. Although my days of digging in crates have finished for my love of all things digital. That’s unless a real special vinyl pops up for my collection. In my spare time, I enjoy checking out SoundCloud, Bampcamp, and swapping funk soul hip hop, and dance ideas with other DJs. I also have a cat, so any final decision on the music comes down to her.

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  1. Avatar Joliez says:

    Love DJ Flee, hope to hear more of him on the airwaves!

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