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American Audio VMS4.1 4 Channel MIDI Controller Review

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The American Audio’s VMS4.1 is designed for performance-minded DJs who want a complete, all-in-one MIDI Controller to play music and mixes from your laptop, just like a professional DJ. This controller does have  2 small decks, however if you prefer larger ones, or have existing turntables, then its easy to connect them upto the controller, and expand its capabilities.

The VMS4.1 features four MIDILOG Channels that are compatible with any MIDI software or traditional analog inputs, including CD Players, and with two microphone inputs, this controller will allow you to control the dance floor at a party with ease.

  • 4x Midilog™ Channels
  • 2x microphone inputs
  • DSP D-Core advanced sound circuitry

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There is beat matching and looping as well as more complex functions built into the controller which work great, and really give you the edge on creating your own style of music mix, or adapting the groove to suit the mood of the crowd.

If you are planning on travelling around with this controller, you can purchase a high quality flight case from American Audio, that offers an excellent setup for this controller and a sliding top platform to position your laptop. Read More about the flight case here.

Technically, the VMS4.1 has balanced XLR outputs, along with a built-in 4-In/4-Out soundcard. It has American Audio’s proprietary DSP D-Core Audio Engine inside. It comes with easy to use software, Virtual DJ LE software so as soon as you set it up, you’re ready to start playing tunes. You have enough options to create amazing tunes, with crossfaders, pitch sliders, and even 34 rotary controllers.

American Audio VMS4.1

American Audio VMS4.1

The technical features of the VMS have been revitalized from previous models, so this can be a well deserved upgrade, however the design of the controller has also been improved to a significantly better standard. It has LEDs on the knobs and buttons that are brighter than before, so it’s perfect if you plan to use it in dark club environments. Everything sounds better with this controller, and especially the mic sound, and output overall.

The VMS4.1’s EQ design works great with Traktor software which you would have to purchase separately. A feature which is underplayed, in this controller, yet often ignored by other manufacturer’s is the advanced cell phone interface shielding, so you don’t get that annoying feedback when a mobile phone or 4G signal rings. The engine of the VMS4.1 is American Audio’s unique D Core processing, allowing faster and smoother complex mix capabilities than their previous controller products.

You will need to check your laptop or pc if you have an older one, however, this controller works easily with laptops that are a few years old. You can check if its compatible here. This is a super controller that has so many customization features its hard to mention them, however the price is something you can’t ignore. Compared to other controllers, this one would easily be top of  your xmas wish list.

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