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Casio LK165 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Review

[ 0 ] April 6, 2015 |

If you are looking to buy a piano keyboard that is low cost, and yet is packed full of digital DJ features, that will allow you to really play amazing music then you can checkout the Casio LK165 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard.

This keyboard is extremely popular and you will certainly get good value for the price. Its priced just slightly above a budget keyboard, but its good enough to still be a respectable instrument to play. The keyboard has an amazing illuminated keys feature that helps you hit the right notes that you’re playing next. Very unique, and a great idea, this is probably the main feature that really impressed me about this Casio piano.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced user. You can use this great portable keyboard which also provides you with three-step lesson system that will enable you to develop your playing abilities at your own pace. Learning how to use the Casio keyboard is very easy, so its a perfect gift for anyone who wants a cheap way of getting into keyboard playing. There are some really expensive keyboard packages for sale online, but what is the point in spending loads of money if you’re still not sure that you’re going to be playing it regularly? This Casio keyboard is perfect if thats your position.

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Lighted Key Playing System.
Stand & Headphones Included.
61 Piano Sized Keys.

The package contains stereo headphones, and the keyboard itself is a very touch sensitive keyboard with 61 standard size keys, a power supply and also X-style stand that can be adjusted for standing or sitting while playing.

It only weighs 15 pounds,and is extremely easy to be carried which means that you can play almost wherever you want to. The Casio keyboard pack is powered by a power supply (which is coming as a part of a pack) or by six AA batteries. The sound source of this keyboard is AHL and it has full 48 notes of polyphony. The tempo is also adjustable, and it can vary from 30 to 255 BPM.



Its recommend you buy a professional keyboard dust cover in order to avoid any dust or debris to get into your keys which will improve the longevity of your keyboard. Remember to check that it fits a keyboard with 61 keys, like the Gator keyboard cover. This is the one that I use, and its stretchy, and even washable.

Another feature of this Casio, is the option to choose over 400 onboard tones (including stereo grand piano) and 150 versatile rhythm patterns. This all adds variety and diversity to your musical projects. You can also use five voice pads that form a part of a pack and their purpose is to play either your sampled sounds or background sound effects.

This piano also has a special feature that will add the relevant chord, bass and rhythm parts whenever you play a cord, making it easy for you to build up your musical confidence, and familiarity with your playing . One of the great things about this keyboard is that its database contains almost 110 songs which means you will always have a huge selection of songs to practice with. You can connect the keyboard to your PC via USB, and also download additional tracks and samples. You can also plug a microphone into the keyboard too.

The Key Light system on the keyboard works by lighting up at the same time and this light-up system makes learning much easier and so does the songbook and the guide on how to use multiple sound effects which are also included in the pack. This book is extremely comprehensive and it will guide you step-by-step from basic knowledge to more challenging music. You will be shown where exactly to place your fingers and it will also teach you how to use both hands.

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