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Denon DN-MC6000 DJ Controller Review

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The Denon DN-MC6000 Digital Mixer Controller is a sophisticated and well engineered controller for DJ’s that need something that is flexible, and yet feature packed for playing music with. It gives you an environment that is perfect for mixing with your macbook or pc laptop or even some traditional DJ hardware.

There is a complete 4 channel DJ mixer as part of the DN-MC6000 as well as software controller and a usb interface which makes it compatible with any MAC OS or PC. The unit is MIDI compatible with software so you can play and mix with whatever program you want.

The construction of this Denon model is solid. It has a metal construction which gives it a rugged feel. You can integrate it straight out of the box with the DJ software Traktor, and Virtual DJ 7. There are lots of input and output options, and the soundcard included is 48khz/16bit. It comes with built in microphone preamps. The good thing about this DN-MC6000 is that you can use it as a stand alone analog mixer.

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The DN-MC6000 is built with 4 solid 45mm cue and fader buttons for each channel. There are bass, mid, and treble knobs along with gain knobs that are easily compatible with MIDI data for your software. You have to flick a switch on the back of the unit to enable this feature. The EQ controls are what you can expect from a solid machine like this. There is a crossfader that is located just below the channel faders, and you can assign it with channel A-B thru switches.

The jog wheels of the this Denon model are great to use. They are smaller than rival models like the Kontrol S4, but they are easy to scratch with as well as skip through parts of your music tracks, or even for searching through a playlist quickly. You also have all the usual features on this DJ controller too, such as cue, play, pitch bend, and sync. There is a deck change button that highlights a blue color when you are using the primary (A/B) deck. It then glows red when you use the secondary (C/D) deck. The jog wheels light up correspondingly at the bottom to show you exactly what channel you’re working on which is very helpful.

denon DN MC-6000

denon DN MC-6000

Because the MC6000 is able to support MIDI controls you can easily record or play stereo audio inputs to and from any DAW, or also DJ software programs. The analog support will take inputs from CD decks, turntables and even mp3 or iphone devices.

Denon is well known for making great quality DJ equipment, and this is another fine example. It contains channel matrix operations which are real time, with its slim design and solid steel construction, its no wonder this is a flagship product for Denon.

The DN-MC6000 comes with bundled software Virtual DJ Light Edition if you purchase from the USA and Canada. If you’re from Europe or Asia then it comes bundled with Traktor Light Edition. It will easily work with other programs too, due to it being MIDI mappable. It works with Windows operating systems, as well as Mac OS X. You don’t have to use a computer to mix with the unit either. It also works as a stand alone mixer. It also features a selectable video & audio control cross fader.

With the feature of the pitch volume and fader lock you can hold the last known position of the audio value until the null point is reached again. There are also file navigation keys, and a rotary encoder selector knob which has an illuminated ring. In the mixer you have a very high quality headphone amp, that gives you superb output audio. There is a range of utility presets built in to which allow you to customize your high mid range and low. To add to all of this the unit is green energy friendly with an ECo standby mode.

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