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Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntables (The new 1200’s) Review

[ 1 ] April 7, 2015 |

Technics SL1200’s are a well known turntable among DJ’s however there is a new competitor from Pioneer in the form of the PLX-1000. Its a high torque turntable that has a direct drive motor, and is built for Dj’s with a superb ability to scratch records too. It has a very fast platter start up, and provides a stable rotation speed that can achieve a starting torque of 4.5kg as a minimum, and reach a speed of 33 1/3 rpm within just 0.3 seconds.

The PLX-1000 is a turntable that combines new technology, with good old fashioned weight and size. It weighs 13.1kg and measures to almost the identical size to the SL1200. Its dimensions are 453 x 159 x 353 mm. It has a stereo RCA phono output jack, and uses an IEC AC power adaptor on the rear panel of the turntable. Its been built with a manual design, which means you have to lift the turntable arm from its rest position and then lower it onto your vinyl record.

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The setup of the Pioneer PLX-1000 is easy and fast. There is a user manual included which has step by step guide how to get started. You have to manually mount the phono cartridge on the headshell which is easy enough with the instruction manual. After you have mounted the cartridge the rest of the setup is easy. It can play both 33 1/3 and 45RPM vinyl records. There is a tempo fader control that gives you the ability to change the range upto +/- 50%. You will also have to purchase a separate turntable preamp, as it doesn’t have a built in phono.

pioneer plx1000
Pioneer plx1000

Its easy to use the PLX-1000’s if you’re a club DJ, as they have a good bright LED in the front of the turntable that highlights the grooves, so you can easily cue positions in the dark. Its brighter than the original Technics too. This is the first turntable from a large manufacturer that tries to replicate the success and reputation of the Technics.

Its almost a Technics 1200 clone, but with added warranty and excellent performance. Its this well know reputation that have already made them such a good seller and new popular option among vinyl DJ’s. Its much more shiny and more metallic than the Technics 1210’s.

The tone arm of the PLX-1000 is a similar S shape to stock technics, and the base is adjustable with all the same features. There is height adjustment of 0 to 6mm and also an anti skating dial that runs from 0 to 6, just like on the well known Technics 1200 MK5’s. Just like on the Technics the platter is stamped with mirrored dots, to help give you a feel for the speed during play and beat mixing. One of the biggest differences is the platter start/stop button on this model. Different from the 1200’s it is now circular. This won’t make much of a difference to your mixing though.

At the back of the PLX-1000 none of the cables are hardwired. It comes with gold plated stereo RCA parts, as well as the power cables in the box. There is also a kensington security slot that lets you secure your deck to a booth with a basic laptop lock. There is a 8mm thick resin for the base, along with a 9mm vibration damping material to really give your sound the best quality when it comes to mixing.

If you decide to change your RCA cables for more high end ones, you’ll have no problem making the switch. The tempo range comes with the standard 8%, but you can also adjust it to 16% and 50% too. This is located below the base of the tonearm, so it is easy and fast to reach. Again another nail in the coffin for the 1200’s when it comes to beatmatching. There is a reset button to if you want to go back to the 0% fixed rotation speed at any point.

This vinyl turntable is everything you need if you want to perform traditional DJing with vinyl records, or want a real classic to play your records at home. Everything has been engineered to give this unit a long lasting and highly dependable life.

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  1. Avatar DJ Tophat says:

    I had to upgrade to these after my 1200’s packed in after 10 years of heavy use. I would go back to them, but I’m very happy with my PLX1000 now, they are flawless.

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