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Mackie PROFX12 12-Channel Effects Mixer Review

[ 0 ] April 8, 2015 |

If you’re a DJ in need of an excellent choice of mixer then the ProFX12 from Mackie is one of the most versatile, and feature rich mixers on the market today. It has everything packed inside it to make your sound great, and is really easy to use. There is also a USB I/O feature onboard that gives you the ability to record your set or show straight from your laptop output.

The ProFX12 comes loaded with a low noise mic preamps, and also a 3 band EQ, as well as an in built DI for direct connections of a bass or guitar. There are gig ready effects such as a precise 7 band Graphic EQ, and much more. Its housed inside an ultra tough environment with special impact resistant side cheeks to prevent any damage in club exposure. It is a solid steel chassis.

The ProFX12 offers professional features such as Mackie low noise, and high headroom microphone preamp which use a pristine signal while they are LED metering. The 60mm faders on each of the channels keep the levels in check.

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You can add a better quality to your mixes with the 3 band active EQ and integrated RMFX 32 bit processor. The unit offers 16 gig ready effects. You can easily tune in monitors and mains with the help of the 7 band stereo graphic EQ. You also have the option to capture the music that you are playing through your laptop with the USB I/O feature, which really sets this mixer apart from others.

profx12 back

profx12 back

The ProFX12 has been built as a user friendly alternative to having a sound guy set up the mixer for you. It has an RMFX (running man) FX 32 bit processor for the effects. There are 16 solid special effects including room reverbs, and choruses with an array of other effects, that help make your mixes more professional without requiring a 2 hour sound check. The mixer comes with a copy of Tracktion 3 music production software, but works with most of the DAW software on the market too. You can record your whole mix via the USB I/O. You can stream the output of your DJ performance or your iTunes playlist and then combine that signal with your turntables plugged into the mixer.

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