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Numark Mixtrack Pro II DJ Controller Review

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Numark are known for their DJ controller technically and products, and one of the best budget controllers to come out of the Numark camp is the Mixtrack Pro II. Its a streamline designed controller with an extended layout of professional controls. The controller contains 16 illuminated multifunction drum pads, along with touch activated platters that are illuminated. Everything is included that enables you to mix your music with your laptop. Features such as looping, hot cues, and effects controls make up this expansive feature set of the Mixtrack Pro II.

If you’re looking for top quality performance from your DJ controller then the Mixtrack Pro II is made for you. You can launch samples, control hot cues, and create loops with the 16 backlit rubber drum pads that are featured. Its easy to switch between each of the modes, thanks to the slimline and low profile design.

There is a precise crossfader, and complete mixer section along with music library controls to help with your track navigation, giving you more time in the mix. The sync and pitch controls are built in to to ensure you can have easy & seamless mixing. You can add some of the other 16 effects into your mixes to such as the flanger, echo, and phaser along with much more.

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So what do you get inside the box when you buy a Mixtrack Pro II? Well there is USB cable for the connection to your PC or laptop, and also a small paper user instruction manual. You have to purchase separately the audio cable to connect an amp & speakers to the RCA outputs. You do get a license for the software package Serato DJ Intro, but you have to download it first. Once you have though, everything else is plug and play.

Mixtrack Pro 2

Mixtrack Pro 2

The Mixtrack Pro II comes as a very slick and attractive unit. It is an easy and practical size, and has 4 rubber feet that are sturdy and robust. The unit is built with a strong plastic exterior. There is a metallic painted casing, and brushed black surface to the unit that give it a really quality feel. It has a low profile and bevelled top & curved bottom that give it the quality of an Apple product. Compared to the original Mixtrack Pro, the jog wheels have been reduced in size, but they are just as strong and sturdy as before.

The Mixtrack Pro II has 2 headphones sockets both 1/8″ and 1/4″. There is a 1/8″ microphone jack input and there is also independent volume controls which some DJ controllers don’t have. There is also a USB slot, and 2 RCA output slots for amp and speakers. The headphone and mic slots are on the right hand side of the Mixtrack, which means you don’t have to worry about accidently pulling your cables from the front of the unit. At the top of the unit you have 3 upfaders, which means one for each deck, and a master volume control in the middle. Each of the channels has a 3 band EQ, along with cue buttons for headphones, and also a load button.

You get precise control over each of your music tracks with the advanced platters of the Mixtrack Pro II. They are dual zone platters which means you are able to scratch with your mixes, or stop a track by touching the top of the platter. You can also adjust the pitch by controlling the platter from the side. Thanks to the USB connectivity the Mixtrack Pro II is compatible with both windows and Apple Mac laptops. There are no drivers to install everything is plug and play. Just layer your loops and sound effects to your mixes, and create the type of mixes that your friends, and club dancers will love.

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