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DJ Controllers – How They Work and Features Explained For Beginners

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Whether a novice or a skilled DJ, you will need to learn about a DJ controller’s features and functions. Below’s a look at how to utilize a mixer, the essentials of jog wheels, and the differences between auto and manual loops.

Auto Loop vs. Manual Loop

Usually, DJ controllers feature a looping function that enables you to repeat songs constantly. Many controllers use a variety of beat count categories, so you can pick the number of beats in your track before you begin the looping process.

The controller may additionally provide an extra subtle looping method involving a collection of pads. Each pad has various functions depending on the mode it is in. You can pick from various manual, auto, and sampler modes.

Most controllers will additionally provide a manual loop button that will duplicate a defined song section until it’s shut off. A manual loop can be a little bit challenging, however. You will require a few techniques to obtain the most out of the manual loop function.

The controller also offers an Auto Loop feature which calculates a loop from the BPM value of the track. This feature can be helpful for planned mixes since you do not need to start or stop the loop manually. This feature is handy if you mix a whole track with loops.

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The hardware must also have a looping options button that lets you change how the loop is presented. Besides the normal jog and scratch controls, the controller might use some brief audio effects. You can utilize these sound effects to enhance your deejaying experience.

Finally, you can adjust the size of your loop, which can be a large step up from the previous design. You can choose from various loop sizes if you have an extra sophisticated controller.

The best DJ controllers for newbies are compact and light enough to take a trip with. While they may be costly, you’ll be glad you invested when you see just how much fun you can have with them.

Mixing and controller options

Using a DJ controller is an excellent means to improve your mixing skills. An excellent controller allows you to mix without bothering about complicated technical details. These devices also come with a huge music collection, making it simple to create playlists and build mixes.

A controller includes a mixer and software that permits you to manage the music, including effects. Some tools are also fitted with sound effects and drum machines. While several of them cost numerous bucks, there are plenty of cheap choices for beginners. If you’re on a budget, you’ll still be able to blend a mix.

One of the most affordable choices out on the market today is the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200. The controller features a light overview, which is useful for novices. It’s likewise furnished with Serato DJ Lite software and is fully mapped to Serato Pro.

The Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX is a sub-$ 250 DJ controller loaded with features. Its 24-bit audio interface can deliver excellent quality sound, and the jog wheels are outstanding. It’s a wonderful touch that it includes Serato DJ Lite, so you can conveniently browse and stream music.

An additional controller for newbie DJs is the Pioneer DJ DDJ-400. It’s a strongly built, entry-level Traktor controller that can be utilized with iOS devices. It’s made to emulate the legendary club standard CDJ/DJM Nexus design. It has a streamlined mixer that’s easy to use. The DDJ-400 also has a proper USB audio interface, so it’s an excellent choice if you’re attempting to save money.

The inMusic DJ Controllers are made from top-tier elements, and the pads feel great. They’re from Akai, which belongs to the InMusic company and have excellent cut-in ranges. They’re also developed with various advanced functions, such as visual beat pulse, which helps align the beat between two decks.


Music is a powerful tool that can evoke strong emotional reactions and change the atmosphere of a room. For DJs, having precise control over music is vital when playing live sets. One of the most important tools used in music production is a fader – it allows DJs to seamlessly transition between tracks and adjust sound levels for a polished and professional mixing performance. 

Faders act like volume knobs, which control the tone and intensity of the music. On DJ controllers, there are usually two sets of faders; one controls the music from the left chan,nel and the other handles music from the right channel. This way, DJs have control over both stereo channels simultaneously while still being able to accurately finesse their music’s sound dynamics. With a fader at their fingertips, they can make sure every track is blended perfectly together to create an unforgettable music experience!

Acquiring a DJ controller is a wonderful method for a novice to get involved in DJing. Unlike standard turntables, these gadgets are software-based and need a computer system. They are often available for under $200, but some excellent controllers are higher-end in pricing.

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 is a small controller that works with various applications. It provides a series of features consisting of a crossfader, EQ knobs, and filter controls. It comes with WeDJ, Pioneer’s iOS and Android app. This app offers you tutorials and sample triggering. It’s additionally compatible with Algoriddim’s Djay and Edjing Mix apps.

Dj Controller basics

The Pioneer DJM-2000 is a smart DJ controller. It consists of channel faders, color FX knobs, a crossfader, and a temporary cue switch. This controller is best for scratch DJs. It has a full-color 3.5” TFT touchscreen and six DSP-powered effects.

The Numark DJ2GO2 Touch DJ Controller is a 2-channel controller. It consists of a headphone jack and a built-in sound card for playback and looping. It likewise has jog wheels and trigger pads. This controller is compatible with Serato DJ, Algoriddim Djay, and many other streaming services. It’s one of the best DJ controllers for newbies.

The InMusic DJ Controller is also an affordable choice. It’s made with top-tier components and developed to a high standard, plus you can carry it anywhere. You can learn it easily; the pads feel like the jog wheels on a Denon Prime 2.

Another controller that is an excellent alternative for newbies is the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200. This controller is designed for newbies and includes eight performance pads, a level fader, a two-deck design, and gain control. It also includes an Intelligent Music Assistant, which suggests playing the next track. Its crossfader and volume are responsive, and the cut-in range is great. It’s also compatible with Serato DJ Lite.

Jog Wheels

Using a jog wheel is crucial for anyone wanting to begin DJing. Various jog wheels are available for DJ controllers, so choosing the best one for your demands is essential.

Mechanical jog wheels are the most precise, but they’re also one of the most costly and need extra care. They’re the best choice for advanced DJs but not a good selection for novices.

Capacitive jog wheels are an affordable, digitally-based choice for new DJs. They’re less precise than mechanical or motorized jog wheels, but they are simpler to make.

The most effective choice for DJs is to pick a controller with a built-in audio interface. This is especially true for beginners. Its small form factor makes it easy to carry around, and its controls are distinct.

A good choice is a controller with a capacitive jog wheel. This kind of jog wheel resembles the touch-screen interface of a tablet computer. You turn the jog wheel to the song you want, and it shows you how to alter the BPM.

Nevertheless, capacitive jog wheels aren’t as precise as mechanical or motorized jog wheels, so they do not match the needs of most novice DJs. For those interested in changing from a physical DJ setup to an electronic one, a controller with a capacitive-style jog wheel is a beneficial investment.

The Numark Mixtrack Pro II USB is a DJ controller under $250 that’s packed with features. It flaunts 4-deck mixing, Auto Loop, Fader Cuts, Sampling, and much more. Its integrated LED screens and paddle buttons make it simple to manage. It uses capacitive.

Pioneer’s DDJ-1000 is a wonderful alternative for brand-new DJs. It has superb jog wheels and is compatible with rekordbox and Virtual DJ. You can use the onboard screens to see waveforms and other track information. You also get Magvel Fader Pro faders, 16 multi-colored performance pads, and 14 Beat FX.

Controller round up

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, it’s essential to have the right accessories for DJ controllers. These devices can greatly impact the noise and effects you achieve.

While a DJ controller can be acquired for around $100, high-end modular units can cost as high as $2,000 or more. It’s essential to discover the best mix of features and durability. You may need advanced software to perform at gigs, so consider that when you shop.

The Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 is a great choice for novices. It’s compact and includes many features, including a two-deck layout, level fader, eight performance pads, and an Intelligent Music Assistant. The controller also has a crossfader, four control modes, and two band EQ for each deck. It also includes a set of cool FX.

The Numark DJ2GO2 Touch DJ Controller is a small, ultra-portable two-channel DJ controller. It has a built-in sound card, trigger pads, jog wheels, and a headphone jack. It’s compatible with Algoriddim Djay and other streaming services. It’s also very easy to set up & use and worth your investment.

The Serato DJ controller is another excellent choice for beginner DJs. It’s a wonderful way to begin djing without breaking the bank, but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. It’s a little shorter than average but has remarkable features, like the effect toggle pads.

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 is a less expensive entry-level Traktor controller. It includes an integrated rekordbox DJ system, filter knobs, EQ knobs, and up faders. It also features WeDJ, Pioneer’s iOS/Android app.

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