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DJ Lobo – What Type of Music Does He Play?

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Usually, there are several different styles of songs that DJ Lobo plays. These consist of Reggaeton, Latin trap rap, Bachata, and Salsa. This post will briefly overview these music genres and some of DJ Lobo’s background.


Throughout his profession, DJ Lobo has played in several nations, including Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Miami. He has likewise shared the stage with heavyweights such as Bruno Mars, Daddy Yankee, and Tiesto. DJ Lobo is best known for his reggaeton mixes. He additionally brings the current hip-hop blends to his Heavy Hitters mobile application.

He started his career at 15, playing clubs in Queens, New York City. He soon started to get noticed by New york city’s premier Latin radio station. After numerous jobs, he was employed to execute at the Staples Facility in Los Angeles. He then performed in other areas like Paris, Atlanta, and Miami.

He has also attended numerous Latin radio stations. Among these was WSKQ La Mega 97.9 FM in New York City.

Mixer Supremo

He has worked with Lil Jon and Akon and has been a part of Spiff television’s “Mi Combo” video. His newest album, Bellaca del Ano, is on Nacional Records.

He has collaborated with mainstream artists like R. Kelly. DJ Lobo boasts a net worth between $1 million and $2 million.

DJ Lobo is an American DJ from New York City. He has a large following on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He’s likewise attributed with creating the DJ Lobo Application. This application is readily available on Android and iPhone gadgets. The application permits users to produce playlists and add tracks to their favorites. It also includes a big collection of Latin music. It also has preloaded mixes.

DJ Lobo’s songs are best recognized for his Reggaeton and Salsa mixes. He has grasped the art of Latin trap rap. His appeal has actually made him a name on the global stage.

His newest album, Bellaca del Ano, was produced by Puerto Rico’s DJ Blass. The album’s title track features a video clip. It’s an ingenious rawness that captures the electronic age NeoPerreo vibe.

He has likewise been a guest at Cain, a Colombian club that plays songs on Sundays. He plays at the Horizon Foundation, an organization that organizes an online dance party on Facebook every Thursday at 7PM.

Latin Trap Rap

Possibly one of the most known names in DJing is DJ Lobo. He’s recognized for his reggaeton and Bachata blends and is attributed with producing the DJ Lobo Application. His application has become one of the most prominent Latin song applications in the App Store and Google Play Store. You can download it and also listen to countless mixes as needed.

It uses a big library of Latin music and can make customized playlists. You can also push the play button to listen to countless mixes on demand. It’s the application you need if you’re in the market for Latin music. The app is also available without an internet connection, so you can play DJ Lobo’s music anywhere.

Mix By DJ Lobo

The DJ Lobo App won the honor for the best Latin Music app in the Google Play Store. You can download it today. It has everything you need to listen to. The DJ Lobo App is offered for both Android and iPhone devices. He has also developed DJ Lobo t-shirts, hats, and other accessories along with his app.

While his major profession is DJing, he also creates and organizes his radio station. In 2012, he got his first luck in Los Angeles. His music and blends have garnered a big following in New York City. In the early 2000s, he was hired to play in American cities’ most significant Latin clubs. He likewise directed his very own DJ crew, The Heavy Hitters.

DJ Lobo was born in Queens, New York City, on April 25, 1977. He started as a DJ/mixer when he was a teenager and traveled the country. His older brother was also a DJ and a professional in the art of spinning. Ultimately, he learned to DJ from him.

DJ Lobo’s initial big break came when he was fifteen. He started playing in clubs in Queens. It was not long before he was reserved for playing the most significant stages in the world. He’s now a famous musician with at least $1 million in assets. His newest endeavor, the DJ Lobo App, has gathered a global following.

Bachata and Salsa

Dj Lobo is an expert DJ famous for his Reggaeton and Bachata mixes. He has been playing in the biggest Latin clubs in the USA, including Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, and has also played in Adelaide, Australia.

Dj Lobo has a large collection of Latin music, including Reggaeton, Bachata, Dembow, and much more. He also has his shop, The Lobo Store, and a big Instagram account (@djlobo) with 305K followers.

Dj Lobo’s primary gig is DJing, and he has remained in business for many years. He has played at many of the popular Latin clubs in the United States and had the chance to play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. He also plays at various Latin events in Adelaide.

He has also been included on the La Mega channel, which has 25 hours a week of Latin songs. He also generates his music. He has a huge collection of tracks, and his mixes are available in various formats.

He is also known for his ability to develop a mix that goes over.

In the past, he has been in the army and served in the Air Force Reserve. After that, he served as a law enforcement officer in Northampton, Massachusetts. He traveled to numerous countries and took dance courses. His latest venture is to create an app enabling customers to produce their own Bachata and Salsa mixes. He also took his talent to the dancing floor, promoting a series of Latin-Kizomba evenings in Mumbai.


Dj Lobo began his profession as a teenager, spinning at regional clubs. He eventually began working as a DJ at a local radio terminal. He then decided to make DJing his full-time job.

He was born under the sign of Taurus and is a member of the ethnic race African American. He was born on April 25, 1977, and his birth flower is the Sweet Pea. He has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $2 million. Currently, Dj Lobo has huge social media following with thousands of subscribers. He has also created his mobile app, which features preloaded mixes and the ability to develop playlists.

Lobo was the first DJ to allow listeners to dedicate tunes to someone. He was among the first to hold a radio show dedicated to oldies. He also had his record label and drive-in in Los Angeles. This was just one of the few areas in Los Angeles for people of color.

DJ Lobo interview

His radio program was transmitted in real-time from the drive-in. He would take requests from young people who gathered there. He was among the first DJs to allow audiences to leave messages for a person.

He co-wrote two Christmas songs with Billy Aerts. After a comeback to the studio in 1989, Lobo launched his first album in twenty-seven years. The album featured vocals and essential tracks. He then signed with German record company GmbH Entertainment in 2000.

In 2006, Lobo explored Southeast Asia; in 2008, he released an album called Out of Time. It included new tracks and also old favorites. The album was launched in 2 formats.

Lobo is also a member of the Riobamba group. He has a website that includes a tribute album to early Lobo recordings. He got his very own store which markets hats and beanies with Lobo logos, and a mobile app for Android and iOS. He presently has a follower base of over 300K fans on social media.

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