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Shure 55SH Microphone Review

[ 0 ] April 6, 2015 |

The microphone Elvis Presley used is a classic and beautiful piece of audio recording equipment. Better known as the Shure 55SH Series II Iconic Unidyne dynamic vocal microphone. Musicians, music producers, DJ’s and Elvis fans will all love this dynamic microphone, as well as a retro design it is built to give the highest recording audio performance possible.

This microphone can also be used to record speech, instrumental music, broadcasting and other vocals and music. It is a powerful microphone with vintage quality and an aesthetically pleasing exterior. It is a fantastic buy for anyone wanting a great microphone with a track record of positive reactions.

Classic Retro Design.
Cardioid Directional Pattern.
Rugged Die Cast Case.

The shiny metal frame os is very eye catching, and the microphone fits easily into your hand. It modeled on the original microphone design from the 50s and 60s, and created with a modern, sleek look. Shure microphones have been trusted products for years, and this is another fine example of their microphone expertise.

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The updated nostalgic look in the Shure 55Sh Series is sure to win you over but the quality of the audio reproduction is also wonderful. The modern acoustic components, 50-15,000 Hz frequency responses, low-impedance, dynamic factor-just to name a few-all allow for better sound quality and recordings. These features were all designed with the end product of tight recordings and warm sounds to become a reality for you and your musical endeavors.

shure 55sh

shure 55sh

The Elvis microphone wouldn’t be complete without a microphone stand. The Atlas Sound MS-10C round base all-purpose mic stand is perfect to buy with the Shure 55SH Elvis microphone. It features a straight chrome design and was created with a durable and functional frame to serve its important purpose.

The swivel mount that is attached to the microphone stand is a self-tensioning one and allows it to tilt 45 degrees forward and 80 degrees backwards. This dynamic microphone is made out of a die cast case that makes it very rugged with its mechanical design. The Elvis microphone can withstand hours of use on stage and handling in general.

When you want to safeguard against noise disturbances and ensure quiet operation, the cartridge within the microphone is shock-mounted which means it will prevent noise transmitted from the stand. The microphone has an On/Off switch, has little to no feedback problems when in close proximity to speakers and a cardioid or unidirectional polar pickup pattern that reduces sound pickup from the back of the Shure 55SH Elvis dynamic microphone.

The sound clarity is excellent and really gives you a great experience. No matter what you use it for, this microphone will exceed your expectations. It has a professional appearance, sound that will emanate beautifully with a crisp, clean and well-rounded sound. For a professional microphone, you don’t have to pay an industry standard price. It is inexpensive when compared to other studio equipment and the value will show each time you use it. It is a great product with years of happy customers and fans to back it up.

The Shure 55SH Series II Iconic Unidyne dynamic vocal microphone sets an extremely high bar in today’s performance standards. Its blast from the past look will remain a cherished icon for everyone who sees it and uses it. There aren’t too many pieces of American memorabilia you can use every day, but this Elvis dynamic microphone gives you the blessing of doing so. The retro microphone will be great to rock out with, display or record audio.

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