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Yamaha DGX650W Digital Piano Review

[ 0 ] April 6, 2015 |

A real high quality digital keyboard piano, that you can take anywhere, and has a huge range of features, is what you are expecting to buy if you want to learn to play like a professional. The Yamaha DGX650W Digital Piano is an amazing instrument.

The keyboard piano by Yamaha is claimed to be one of the most portable and realistic that you can buy. It has 88 strong keys, that are weighted with graded hammer actions. They actually feel like real piano keys. The lower note keys even a heavier touch, while the keys that are higher feel much lighter. This is the type of attention to details that Yamaha has given to ensuring that this really is a high tech alternative to a large bulky piano. You receive a strong wooden stand to play the keyboard on if your desk isn’t suitable. You can even choose from 2 different color matching designs. You might want to have a look at a Yamaha Keyboard Bench to get the best seating possible when playing the piano.

You can add a huge range of effects with this piano too. There are acoustic and amplified instrument sounds that you can choose. You can also add in reverb ambience effects, and distortion sounds. There are dynamic processing tools that let you adjust and change the sound that you are playing, and even recorded sounds. The piano also has a range of styles that you can choose to play. These range from everything from bossa nova to hip hop styles. This ensures you can really be create with your piano compositions.

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  • Weighted action keys.
  • USB connection & storage.
  • Huge range of features & effects.

One of the unique features to this digital keyboard piano, that shows what technology can be used for is the performance assistant technology. This is a great feature for DJ’s and is called PAT for short, and the way that it works is that a song is played on the keyboard, and all you have to do is play along on the correct keys, and even if you are starting off the piano actually helps you play the correct note. As long as you are playing in time with the music. This is one of the most basic lessons that you have to actually master on the piano first, so this is really a great idea to help you get the hang of this.

There is also a special education suite built into the piano too. This is a collection of tools that allow you to learn the basics of playing and performing. Each of the lessons can be repeated, and they have different steps that you can complete. There are also lessons to help you practise with both your left and right hand.

The digital piano is able to also connect to your pc or laptop, via USB. You can also connect a flash drive or even an external hard drive to the piano to record your music. You can save the files as MIDI files or custom style files. The piano will also allow you to connect your laptop to the paino and use it with any music software that you own too, such as garageband, or Qbase. You can also copy different instruments and styles to the piano that you like and use them in your compositions, and playing.

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