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Gemini CDMP-7000 DJ Controller Review

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For Dj’s that need a complete solution that gives them access to outstanding performance, combined with 2 decks, mixer, and audio cd’s mp3 and flash drive support then look no further than the Gemini CDMP-7000. Its a comprehensive DJ controller that really gives the DJ everything they need to play your music, perform your DJ sets and electrify the crowd.

The CDMP-7000 features 2 touch sensitive display screens, and is built as a bold piece of kit. It features a metal chassis, and is hardwearing with a black plastic casing over part of its body. It has an industrial feel to it, and looks like it might be a more high end DJ controller. The middle section of the controller contains a 3 channel analogue mixer.

Although its not digital it still takes input from the CDJ’s and external sources such as a pc or laptop. You can connect the decks up to your laptop software such as Virtual DJ and Traktor, but you are limited in the connection with your mixer as its not supported by the software. Most DVS DJ’s will be used to using this hardware in this way, and actually prefer analogue mixers this way as it gives you compatibility in your mixing sources.

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One of the best features of the Gemini CDMP-7000 Dj controller is its USB out function. This gives you the chance to record your mixes straight out to your pc in digital format. A very useful function if you want to record your live club mixes to mp3 or wav. The mixer has 3-band EQ and Gain Control on both channels. There is also the normal range of inputs and outputs including mics, a dual line and phono, along with aux ind master booth record outputs including XLR. There is full VU monitoring with 1 meter for each of the channels, plus stereo output metering. There is also the mono split feature for your headphones, with crossfader curve and also reverse switches.

cdmp-7000 dj controller

The VFD waveform display of the CDMP-7000 displays the mode that you are in and also the track position as well as the slip position. There are also variable pitch control sliders that are ultra precise, and are perfect for beat matching, and they have 6 settings. Alongside a master tempo mode which allows you to adjust the tracks you play tempo without changing its original pitch. The sound card of the CDMP-7000 is 24bit/192kHz sound card. There are 6 DSP powered effects available too along with dry and wet level controls. You can access additional functions too, like pitch bend, reverse, hot cues, and loop sections, along with flexible BPM options.

You can play your audio cd’s in the Gemini CDMP-7000 and it will read the traditional audio cd’s as well as data cd’s that have mp3’s loaded on them. It also supports SD cards and USB flash drives too, which makes it great if you’re a fan of easy digital storage methods. Flash cards are supported upto 32gb. You can play MP3 format, and also AAC,WAV or AIFF too. The platter jog wheels are 5″ and are great for mixing. The blue outer ring shows exactly what track position you are at, and it spins at 33 RPM to simulate exactly what a record would be playing at.

You can move the jog wheel when you have the vinyl mode enabled. This means the playback position with the “needle” changes with the movement. The red inner ring appears when you activate the slip mode. What happens is the track that is playing becomes inaudible when you use the jog wheel, set a loop or use the reverse. Then when you release the jog wheel or stop the reverse playback, the track continues on from where it would have been. This is a great feature that allows you to not lose the beat when you are performing a scratch or a loop, and the red ring continues to show your slip position. Overall a good controller that will last you the amount of work that you give it in and outside of the club.

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