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Which turntable does tiesto use

[ 0 ] February 27, 2013 |

Tiesto uses SL-1210 M5G Technics turntables. Tiesto is one of the worlds most recognised DJ’s playing dance, house and trance music. He has a number of albums out, and has worked with many artists. Find out more about the technics turntables he uses to create the music for his shows here.

The SL-1210 M5G is not a new turntable. Far from it. It has been on sale for years. Tiesto does use digital turntables for many of his shows, due to the ease of transport. To design his set, and mixes though, he still prefers traditional vinyl rigs to perfect what music he will be performing during a show.

The Technics SL-1210M5G turntable is made with a metallic black finish. It has digital pitch control, and and a tone arm which has been improved over previous technic models to improve skip resistance. This is perfect for any DJ that wants to control the cut and mix of their vinyl mixing. Another feature that is really hailed by DJ’s is the adjustable electronic braking system. This would be of no use if you’re using the turntables for your home audio. However when you are controlling the dance floor, and want to create a dramatic effect, then a fast break can means the difference between a great gig, and a gig well forgotten.

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dj tiesto mixing on turntables

dj tiesto mixing on turntables

If you’ve ever been to a Tiesto gig, then you know that there is always some breaking applied to the music to make sure that he can check that the crowd is engaged with what he is playing.

The digital pitch control on these technics makes it very easy to quickly adjust the pitch, and keep it consistent with the other turntable. You can change between +/-8 and +/-16 with a button, and you can also quickly reset the pitch back to zero.

The tone arm reduces any chance that the turntables will skip. There is a built-in anti skate adjustment feature, and the height of the tone arm is adjustable, which make it great if you want to do any scratching. The braking speed can be adjusted on the SL-1210M5G to work as quickly or as slowly as you need. There is a high-torque motor which means that when you start the turntables up, you reach full speed in 0.07 seconds. Thats almost 1/10th of a second.

This really is a quality turntable, and if you want to buy them then you’ll need to be quick, as they have become very rare. You can see of there are any still for sale here. Then all you need is a vinyl collection, and you could be the next Tiesto.

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