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3 Of The Most Popular Dubstep DJs

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The Dubstep sound has come a long way from its’ origins in south London in the 1990s. The niche electronic dance style is now an influential part of modern pop music. Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift have all used dubstep elements in some of their best recordings. Although much argument exists as to what is and what is not in the field. Three of the most popular Dubstep Djs in the venue are Skrillex, Bassnecter and Zedd.

Skrillex (AKA Sonny John Moore) was born Jan. 15, 1988, in Los Angeles California. He attended various schools in Northern California and Las Vegas before finishing his formal schooling at 16. As a young teen, he explored punk gigs and raves in east and south LA. He started out to play Guitar for the band From First to Last on their debut albumen. Instead, he ended up as vocalist lead after the producers heard him sing. After having surgery for vocal problems, He resigned from the band to begin a solo career.

Early 2007 he released several demos via Myspace. In late 2007, he toured with a full band on the Team Sleep Tour. In 2008, he was part of the Alternative Press AP Tour. In 2009, he released the digital EP Gypsyhook EP on the web. 2008 brought the new Stage Name Skrillex, he had been previously known on the web as Twipz. In June of 2010, he released his debut EP My Name is Skrillex.

He has continued to perform and produce and has had a tremendous influence in the continued development of the Dubstep style in the US. He is credited with the creation of the Brostep style of electronic dance music, considered by some to be a somewhat more jarring form of Dubstep.

He won three Grammy awards in 2012 and 3 more in 2013. He also won a MTV Video Music Award in 2012 and 2013 as well as an Annie Award in 2013. Some of his most notable recordings are Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Bangarang and Leaving.

His signature trademark is his unusual hairstyle, rather long on one side. While blowing out the candles on his birthday cake in Jan 2013 his hair caught on fire but he was unharmed.

Bassnectar (AKA Lorin Ashton) Born in Feb. 19, 1978, he grew up in a San Francisco Commune. His original musical influences were heavy metal and rock bands of the time. He felt welcome and a sense of comfort at the rave’s he attended in the 1990s and developed his own blend of heavy metal/electronic style music.

He taught himself guitar and continued to develop and explore his musical style throughout high school and college. He began his career as DJ Lorin in the San Francisco Bay Area honing his craft at even more at the Burning Man, where he would play up to seven sets a night. He brings a definite metal influence to Dubstep and continues to put his personal stamp on electronic dance music.

Bassnectar Concerts are known for elaborate stage production. Lots of lights, special effects and great sound. Most of the venues sell out. Bassnector uses the Internet to maintain a large, active fan base called the Bass Heads. The Band usually takes a picture with the Bass Head Family at each concert. The Band Tours extensively and has established a number of regional events known as Bass Centers.

Bassnectar has always had an active interest in Community causes and Charities. He supports many causes such as true media and free press. He has used words from Martin Luther King Jr. and others involved in socio-political causes in some of his tracks. He has raised money for various charity organizations by donating $1.00 per fan ticket and then letting the fans vote on how to distribute the funds. He has produced many albums, single releases, videos and mixtapes. Free Style and Take You Down are two of his more recent EPs and his Va Va Voom Album placed 34 on the Billboard 200 peek.

His signature trademark is his waist length hair. He has not cut it in 15 years and says he says it is more of an ‘anti-style’.

Zedd (AKA Anton Zaslavski) Born Sept.2, 1989 in Russia. He is a Russian /German Electronic Music Producer and DJ. He is a classically trained musician, the child of musicians. He started playing piano the age of four and was sight-reading at six. In his pre-teens, he was composing his own rock music. He started playing with the German Band Dioramic when he was 14. His interest in in producing electronic music came after hearing the French duo Justice.

Although Zedd has only been involved in the Dubstep and Electronic Dance Music since 2009, He has jumped into the scene in a big way. Within a few months of beginning his production work, he was becoming known for his remix work. Skrillex sought him out on the Internet and he was signed on the OWSLA the Label. He has gained fame doing remixes for many famous pop artists.

His original compositions Shave It and Slam The Door help the top spot on Beatport’s Charts for many weeks. His most critically acclaimed work has been the album Clarity for which he received a 2004 Grammy for Best Dance Recording

His signature trademark is his youth and ability. He has a unique style of composition that is fresh and original. He credits his classical training and understanding of music theory for his outstanding talent. Many see him as having a Superstar Future. Three different artists with a wide range and experience make for an exciting future in the Dubstep Music World. All three are touring in the USA this Summer 2014.

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