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Easiest Digital Turntable Controller 2015 – Pioneer DDJ-WeGo2

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The Pioneer DDJ-WeGo2 turntable is a compact controller for MIDI just like the original Pioneer WeGO. It lets you scratch and mix tracks and perform live remixes. It is just like the original in many ways except that, now you will be able to connect it to your iPad and mix with the Alogriddim’s excellent Djay 2 app instead of using the software from your laptop. This is good because the start-up time of iPad is faster and the sophisticated Djay 2 which goes along with it makes this product an interesting purchase.

You will be able to connect DDJ WeGO 2 to the iPad with the supplied Lightning to USB cable and slot it to the special stand that has been provided. The stand works as a carry handle and improves the portability of DDJ WeGO2. The only down side is that only a Lightning to USB cable is provided. There is no 30-pin connector for older iPads. If you want to connect an older iPad you must buy a special cable.

Since the DDJ-WeGO2 is powered by a USB, you will be able to plug it to your laptop to use with the Virtual DJ LE software or another DJing application. You could also use a USB wall transformer that comes as charging devices for smartphone and tablet devices such as iPhone and iPad.

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We felt that the DDJ-WeGO2 controls and the interface of the iPad touchscreen worked well together. You will press load button in a particular deck and play a track from your iPad screen. We used the DDJ-WeGo2 for basic controls and the iPad Screen for the more advanced features. For example we used the auto-looper control to set a loop of a specific length and at the same time used the iPad screen for a particular bounce loop effect.

Each deck has an auto-looper that has a rotary control to twist to change the length of the loop and a press control to turn on the loop. You can change the length of the loop even when it is active. This means that you can switch from 1-beat loop to a half beat loop and decrease it further. This is great for creating a drum loop effect, with your outgoing tracks, before you go into your incoming track.

The DDJ-WeGO2 has 8 hot cue buttons which is great for ad-hoc edits & live remixes. You map a specific place of the track to a hot-cue button and then you press the hot-cue button to jump straight to that point in a track. The hot-cue buttons were close together and small in size but it was responsive.

Pioneer DDJ-WeGo2 blackOverall the DDJ-WeGo2 was an ultra-compact DJ Controller that will help you learn the DJing essentials by providing users with a way to create cool and unique mixes with their own music collection. Just like the predecessors, the DDJ-WeGO2 will offer advanced features while remaining easy to use at the same time. This is the set of functions and features that makes the art of DJing fun and simple to use. You can get the DDJ-WeGo2 in white, black and red to match your preference and taste. You will also be able to match the colour of popular HDJ-500 DJ headphones. The controller will also feature multi-colour LED backlighting for the Jog wheels and a customizable user interface for the software which is included with the package. All this rich set of features and functionalities make the DDJ-WeGO2 a no brainer purchase if you really want to learn how to dj professionally.

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