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Reloop RP 8000 Straight – Premium Vinyl Turntable

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Vinyl is still as popular as ever, but with the onset of digital turntables, do vinyl turntables look dated? It turns out no, with the invention of the Reloop RP-8000. This is a vinyl turntable that is packed with some of the most advanced features designed into a turntable.

This turntable uses quartz direct drive technology to provide a fast and seamless start and stop speed. There is a straight skip proof tone arm attached to the turntable. This makes it ideal for perfect sounding vinyl, and especially if you want to play some of your most precious vinyl records without scratching them.

The RP-8000 is a high torque turntable that combines digital technology, and software as it works with any midi compatible DJ software. Sounds too good to be true right? Well you don’t even need a digital control section like you do with other vinyl turntables. This works as a standalone. If you use Serato Scratch Live you also have mappings available. You can control the most popular DVS systems easily by combining them. You can use a Trax encoder to also load tracks onto the decks, and scroll through playlists.

reloop rp8000

This turntable is officially Serato supported with the MIDI control strip fully mapped now, giving you the option to use 4 trigger actions including cue, loop, slicer, and sample. You have now access to 8 hot cue points too, giving you the chance to really be creative with your mixing, and beat juggling. There are 8 drum pads which are multi functional, allowing for loops to be set & triggered. You can use a further bank if you want to switch to slicer mode and cut and remix your tracks on the fly.

You can now display the BPM of a track on the pitch display, thanks to a recent firmware update on the RP-8000. This allows you to sync your tracks directly on the turntable with Serato DJ. You can also adjust the global sampler volume via the Trax encoder. This gives you the looped slicer mode, and loop shift.

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There is the turntable link mode, which gives you the chance to download various presets from the Reloop website. This means you get to control drum rolls and instant effects. You can also access the dual performance mode, which means that when two modes like the cue and the loops are pressed at the same time, the first 4 trigger buttons are assigned to the cue function, and the other 4 buttons are assigned to the loop mode function.


The turntable link mode also allows you to connect upto 4 turntables via USB. Each of the turntables automatically assigns themselves sequentially which allows you to connect only one of the turntables to your PC or Mac. This is a very useful feature when you want to combine turntables and play at a show using traditional vinyl playing.

The design of the Reloop RP-8000 is robust, and this is the perfect turntable to handle club surroundings in even the hardiest environment. The high resolution pitch has a resolution of 0.02% which is shown on the LCD, and gives you precise & exact beat matching for your long mixing. There is an additional start/stop button perfect for vertical positioning, which is a feature lacking in most other DJ turntables. There is also a variable torque option from classic torque to hitorque.

This is a versatile turntable that is more like a controller too, as it can be equipped with a line/phono switch and doesn’t require grounding if you want to connect directly to a line input, mixer or amp. It should be your go to turntable if your still mixing vinyl regularly, or even if you just want the best for some home vinyl.

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