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Reloop Terminal Mix 8 – Digital Controller

[ 0 ] March 15, 2015 |

If you’re looking for a feature packed DJ Digital Controller turntable then the Terminal Mix 8 from Reloop is a great choice. Its built to work intimately with SERATO DJ software, and this is what makes it perfect for professional DJ’s. You are able to really let your creative mixing skills flow with the Terminal Mix 8, as it is packed with premium features and extras that will have you creating a memorable mix with the sophisticated performance section that features touch sensitive multi colored drum pads.

There are 8 touch sensitive RGB drum pads on either side of the controller giving you a total of 16 pads to trigger cue points, loops and samples and also slicer effects. The Terminal Mix 8 from Reloop Features a slice and loop mode that is designed to allows creative re-arrangements when you want them on the fly. You can easily access the banks of the Serato DJ SP-6 sampler to help you trigger the 8 cue points per track and in real time. Its easy to see the pads especially in a dark club environment as they light up fluorescently, to help you match up what mode you are playing in.

You can set the upper row, and the lower row of the drum pads using the the dual mode, which means you can use the performance mode in the upper rows, while using the bottom rows for loops at the same time. This is part of the plus points for using the SP-6 sampler. You also have 3 rotary knobs with an endless encoder, and 4 buttons that make it really easy to intuitively control the the range of effects that you have powered by Serato Dj’s iZotope.

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The slice and loop feature is unique to the Terminal Mix 8. It allows you to, with the touch of the slice button chop the current playing track up into 8 equal sized parts, and distribute them across the respective drum pads. This gives you a great way to mix your track up on the fly quickly and easily. If you activate the loop mode, it is possible to store and then trigger 8 loops with different lengths. The loop lengths can be automatically set in real time by using the dedicated loop size encoder for fast loop roll effects, and traditional loops too. This means all your re-arrangements can be done on the fly.

reloop terminal mix platterThe design of the Terminal Mix 8 is made with the DJ in mind. It is ergonomically intuitive, with vast improvements over previous versions. You now can have smooth filter sweeps thanks to the large rubberized filter knobs that are on each channel. The faders are real club standard, allowing you to complete smooth fades and hard cuts, including using the the adjustable crossfader curve to assign the buttons on the front of the Terminal Mix.

The jog wheels are a 15.5cm size in diameter, and they are vinyl anti-skidding surfaced. The pitch faders are 14bit 100mm which are perfect for beat matching and playback control. There is audio interfaces built into the rear of the Terminal Mix 8 that allow you to connect to a club or home PA system.  There is a MIC connection with a 1 band EQ and an auxiliary input with a flexible routing option switch giving you the chance to route additional external sound sources.

The Terminal Mix 8 is a great digital DJ controller if you want to play with some of the best features at a reasonable mid range price.

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