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Djay pro review

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If you’re after a software solution to mixing your music, and adding a great sound to your dj sets then Djay pro is a good choice that you might want to load into your desktop or macbook. It gives you instant access to millions of tracks, by integrating with iTunes, and Spotify. There are high defination waveforms, also four decks, along with audio effects, and a very tight hardware integration.

Inside the main workings of Djay pro is a modern user interface that is simple to use and innovative, as well as intuitive. There are flexible layers of functionality inside Djay pro, and they are with the powerful music library everything is accessible from inside the single window interface. There is a powerful four deck view that allows you to play like a proper DJ, along with mixing and synchronizing of up to 4 tracks simultaneously. There is also live sampler, drum pads & FX racks. You can choose in the virtual vinyl mode both horizontal and vertical colored waveforms.

Djay pro is the first DJ software that professionally integrates with spotify. This then gives you access to millions of tracks from the spotify library. Djay pro will integrate with your existing library, including your starred and saved tracks. There is powerful search options to search through, as well as charts and match which works by analysing the music from spotify, and then using an innovative analysis system, it automatically recommends a similar styled track with the same musical taste and style as the last one. This allows you to discover new music, and really helps build up your existing mix ideas.

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Djay also integrates well with iTunes. You can browse through your library, and view it by your playlist, artist, album even the genre and your history as well as much more. You can simultaneously browse your library while searching for tracks too. Djay pro’s cutting edge powerful audio streaming technology easily delivers an ultra low latency in streaming your audio, with advanced effects, and on the fly analysis, all processed and streamed directly from the cloud.

Djay pro has been built for OS X, and it takes advantage of the desktop’s computing power including 64-bit processing, and multi core which is great for track analysis. There is support for Retina & 5k display’s with the graphics rendering at 60 frames each second. There is superb sound quality too with everything you need to perform as a DJ wrapped up in this package.

With Djay pro you can set loop in and loop out points. There is also the auto loop function to continuously loop the part of a tracks, along with the bounce loop you can remix live and all in perfect sync. You can set multiple cue points too giving you the ability to jump between different marker positions at your chosen track positions. You can also capture the real time output of your mixing in a high quality .wav file, or even a compressed mp3 format. You can even export directly to iTunes.

djay pro laptopThere is a new sampler feature too that allows you to have an extra layer of creativity. You can trigger sounds and also create drum beats overlaying your music. There is also a pre-loaded collection of sounds everything from sound FX to dubstep, that you can also combine in your mixing.

You can synchronize tracks with the help of the sophisticated beat and tempo detection feature. This means you can synchronize the beats between 2 tracks with very little difficulty. With the help of the waveforms you can also use flexible beat grids to render a precise and new beat location, supporting a dynamic tempo. If you want to create studio quality mixes, you can also use the feature of key matching. This gives you the ability to detect a song’s key, and then match other songs that are in the same key from within your library.

Djay pro integrates easily with some of the most well known hardware manufacturers. It supports over 50 MIDI controllers from makers including Numark, Pioneer, and Reloop. Its the perfect software if you are a DJ, and especially when you are looking for something that can give you the edge with your mixing ability.

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