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Hercules DJ Console 4-MX Controller Review

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Hercules DJ Console 4-MX Controller is an excellent turntable for all DJ beginners. It comes with a black leather handbag with brand name on it to carry away. This is very simple to learn and use manually. It does support different editions of DJ software including virtual DJ, making it more than capable to entertain audiences.

It is very affordable and good for learners. This is best for parties, clubs, dance bars, for competitions, bars and any sort of celebration where music and dance is important.

Main Features of Hercules DJ Console 4-MX Controller

Dimensions: The unit size is 40 x 25cm. It is a steel frame compact cabinet. Its jog wheels diameter is 12 cm and having a height of 1.9 cm.

Keys and Knobs:It has 14 knobs and 5 faders as pair of sets similar on its two decks. These are plastic knobs with variable type. It has silver coating on to which looks more professional than a black background panel. Its fader is graphically design in a flat knob, which is easy to tap up and down to increase a decrease the tempo. All of these control keys have a soft touch kill keys near by it to stop the function immediately while in play.

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hercules DJ console mx & bag

hercules DJ console mx & bag

Its main volume is also of Up/Down type. There are two big jog wheels for perfect scratching effects. This has a built in LED lights to illuminate with TIR effects on its transparent plastic edges of the wheels. It has soft touch buttons with indicator light glowing as to show it is on and functioning. These are useful when playing in a shift mode. Its cross fader keys are the very best with a little bit of tightness to give a gentle output while shifting manually.

USB Slot:It has one USB slot to connect with a home PC or a laptop. This enables to use any latest DJ software including Serato to make the performance of your DJ set a memorable one.

Input Slot: It has two input stereo connector. It has one microphone connector.

Output Slot:It has two-channel stereo output. It has headphone outputs on the top of the units and at the front with volume controls. This is an additional convenience to the user.

PC System Configuration: It requires Windows XP and above series like Windows Vista. It needs a CPU with more than 1.5 GHz or above. A 1 GB of RAM and above is necessary. It needs a system with USB support and with multimedia speakers. The similar system specification is also required when you use Mac OS.

Hercules-4-Mx front view profileThe Hercules DJ Console 4-MX Controller is best for professional DJ’s. When you compare the cost and features, it has many features similar to the costly DJ controller units. The best part of this unit is its jog wheels. They are the very best for scratching, which give indication lights and the pressure hold on the jog wheels. It sound quality is also good when alters with the equalizer bands. It is a standalone mixer when come to professional shows.

It can support up to four decks with latest DJ software and a well configure laptop or system is present. This is also very good for beginners to use the set of keys while learning or practicing on a professional DJ unit. This is a compact steel cabinet with two decks having white color and the center part is having the main controls knobs on black panel. This makes it to look more than an electronic gadget, and a real part of your DJ equipment.

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