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How to be a Rave DJ

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If you desire to be a rave DJ, numerous necessary steps exist. You can begin landing DJ gigs as soon as you create a following.

Do you like rave music?

You can end up being a rave DJ if you enjoy rave music. Electronic music culture began to filter into the United States in the late 1980s through English migrants and US DJs who checked out Europe. Eventually, raves became a worldwide phenomenon, and many United States DJs and their music began topping the charts.

US DJs thinking about the culture began to visit Europe and organize raves in their home nations. In the early 1990s, rave culture broadened significantly into North America, nurtured primarily by DJs and organizers. In the United States, DJs like Frankie Bones and Heather Heart started to hold events in numerous locations.

Rave in Ukraine

To become a successful DJ, you must find out how to check out the crowd. Unlike other entertainers, a DJ should be able to check out the crowd and play what they want to hear.

An excellent DJ must understand how to move between tracks and produce a good vibe for the crowd. It is essential not to alter a crowd’s state of mind by changing the music’s vibe too frequently.

The rave scene was changing by the late 1990s. Local councils progressively increased charges and enforced by-laws to keep the scene from growing too large. As an outcome, big one-off raves became unusual. In addition, the categories of dance music likewise started to diverge. From techno to darker jungle, rave music now incorporates various styles of electronic music.

Develop a fanbase

The primary step in establishing a fanbase as a rave DJ is identifying your genre and brand. After that, you can start developing premium content that targets your ideal fan base. In addition, it’s important to establish a solid online presence. You’ll need to use proper social media strategies and team up with other artists to attain this. There are many online music servers and sharing platforms, such as SoundCloud. You can approach press outlets and ask them to help promote your work.

Developing a fanbase as a rave DJ is a gradual and continuous procedure. It’s necessary to keep promoting yourself and showcasing your music. You’ll have to work hard to establish a fan following, and however, if you get the right audience, you can end up being a household name in the rave scene.

Rave into Space 2020

It lets you interact with your fans in a customized manner and keeps them informed about your music. You’ll need to gather your fans’ email addresses and send them routine updates on your new music and occasions.

You may also desire to use a mailing service to stay in touch with your fans. You may not believe this to begin, as you only desire to play the music you love; nevertheless, it’s necessary, if you wish to develop a fanbase of listeners, that you reach out to them as actively as possible. It’s your task to keep them informed, and you can even do that with other news about raves in your newsletter that you might have observed during the week.

Develop your gig portfolio

If you’re getting going as a DJ, there are some things you require to understand. You’ll need to develop your reputation to make it big. Many promoters in the underground rave scene will be doubtful, so it is necessary to brand yourself. Don’t just appear at the rave with your music collection and turntables. Make your appearance look expert and show that you’re an expert.

Try to get gigs in other countries. You can earn a lot by DJing outside the UK or U.S.A.. Brazil, India, China, and Africa are some countries that provide excellent chances for DJs. You can also try moving to another city. The London location has countless DJs competing for the same gigs. Other sites have plenty of bars and clubs where you can perform.

Another method to get gigs is to develop a DJ blog. A DJ blog will simplify access to good music, as individuals will call you to try out and mix their tracks.

What equipment do you need as a rave DJ?

If you’re planning to become a professional rave DJ, you’ll require the right equipment. It would assist if you also had excellent monitor speakers, which ought to be loud adequate to be heard above other noises inside a stadium or the club you are playing in.


These devices allow you to remix and produce music, and many of the leading DJs of the category use these gadgets. You may even recognize some of these names: Tiesto, Daft Punk, and Skrillex. Maybe they are more electronic dance styles. However, that’s because rave music has a specific niche audience rather than mainstream. Think instead, possibly of Grooverider? The same kind of controller and mixer can be utilized for both. You can find lots of DJ controller reviews here.


Most notably, the finest DACs for rave DJs can handle premium audio. While they may not be the most affordable, they can be considered an outstanding investment for the money. They can work as studio monitor controllers and earphone amplifiers. They also let DJs use virtual instruments in any club or place.

The DACport Pro is one such gadget. It has an acoustical display and calibrated LED VU meter. This helps keep an eye on audio levels without headphones. The LEDs also have a brightness function that can be used to fit the environment.


Rekordbox for rave DJs is a powerful software application option for DJs. It assists DJs in producing and editing their own playlists and synchronizes with your iTunes library or other storage gadgets. This allows you to develop custom-made mixes based on the last gig you played or develop a mixtape of your celebration’s best tunes.

DJs require a vast music library, and rekordbox can help them manage it successfully. Users can arrange their music library in a simple way and access it from anywhere.

Records for a rave DJ?

A rave DJ requires diverse tunes to keep the crowd dancing. These music categories range from Acid house and Disco to Throwback tracks.

Classic Rave DJ set

Throwback tracks.

Throwback tracks are a great method to inject a personal touch into your DJ set and provide a sentimental rush to your audience. It’s a great concept to listen to every track in each crate before including it in your set. There is a throwback track in almost every category of music, and you can interlace your own imagination to create the rave mix your audience is begging to dance to.

Acid house

This is one of the most iconic sounds of the 1990s and is a need for every rave DJ. The music grew out of the hippie, rave culture and the counterculture rooted in it.

At first, the category’s producers wished to push the limits of dance music.

This resulted in groups such as Move Your Body and Jack Your Body, and producers such as Marshall Jefferson and Spanky started exploring with electronic music. One of the results was a compilation called Acid Trax Volume 2. The tracks featured on the album were pushed very silently and therefore weren’t all set for clubs. This track includes a pumping 303 line, hectic TR-808 drums, and an odd sizzling noise. It’s also a high tempo for a house track of that age.


DJs who mix dance music have become progressively popular, and the equipment required for the task is constantly developing. Disco and funk are still alive, with many underground groups continuously reinventing the category. Nothing will turn a crowd into a frenzy than a famous Disco timeless chorus.

A day in the life of a rave DJ

The function of a DJ is to amuse individuals with music. It needs knowledge of devices, how to keep the crowd moving, and performing your product. There is a lot of dancing demand that a rave DJ can be among the most physical types of DJs to perform at programs.

Keeping the crowd dancing

If you’re in the business of DJing, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to keep the crowd on the dance floor as long as possible. The DJ resembles a drummer: his task is to keep the crowd moving and provide a soundtrack for the event. This requires him to pick the right tunes and music to keep the crowd dancing, or he will lose the dance flooring rapidly. When to ramp up the strength, a DJ ought to understand.

Too much passion will stress out the crowd. After the peak, mix into safe floor filler, so the crowd doesn’t get antsy. To keep the crowd on the dance floor, you must play various music for the visitors.

Choose a mix of categories and guarantee your crowd is associated with the choice process. Music that keeps the crowd on the dance floor will encourage them to stay at the party and dance as long as possible.

First-hand understanding

A DJ requires understanding and utilizing devices to perform the best sets. This consists of understanding how to carry the devices, set them up, and run them. It also suggests knowing how to fade tunes and develop programs. These are simply a couple of things a DJ needs to know.

Usually, DJs use a notebook computer, a digital audio user interface, and a controller. Most controllers have USB connecting ports with crossfade mixers, a layout with two turntables, microphones, speakers, effects, and amplifiers. In some clubs, lighting and PA systems are likewise offered to the DJ.

If you desire to be a rave DJ, numerous crucial actions exist. If you love rave music, you can become a rave DJ. If you’re preparing to become an expert rave DJ, you’ll require the ideal equipment. Rekordbox for rave DJs is a powerful software application solution for DJs. There is so much dancing needed that a rave DJ can be one of the most physical types of DJs to perform at programs.

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