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DJ Bobo – The Swiss DJ That Cuts Up The Cheese

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DJ Bobo is a Swiss DJ who started his profession in 1985 and later became runner-up at the Swiss DJ Championships. He worked at numerous bars around Switzerland, and in late 1989 he produced his very first single. After that, he concentrated on his productions and later released two more singles in 1991.

Single chart hits

DJ BoBo, a Swiss artist, producer, and DJ, was born in Kolliken, Aargau, in 1968. His first single, “I Love You,” was launched in 1989, and singles by DJ Bobo have reached the top of the charts in German-speaking nations and European territories.

His singles have arrived in 20 charts in numerous countries: Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and Austria. His second single, “Keep Dancing,” became a gold-certified hit in Germany. In 1995, BoBo was invited to represent Switzerland at the World Music Awards in Monaco, where he was crowned the “World’s Best-Selling Swiss Artist.”

After his 4th album, Visions, DJ BoBo continued to construct his success with songs such as “Do You Keep in mind” and “Angel.” His album sold more than one hundred thousand copies in Switzerland and Germany, reaching No. 3 on the Swiss albums chart. In 1999, he was honored with a World Music Award, which he won for the sixth year.

DJ BoBo went on tour in many nations, including Asia and Australia. In 1996, he toured the continent of Europe, performing for audiences as big as 400,000 individuals. An advertising tour to Asia and South America followed. In 2007, DJ BoBo launched Dancing Las Vegas, with 13 tracks and a six-part DVD with video clips of the songs “Everybody’s Gonna Dance” and “Superstar.”

Dj BoBo Respect Yourself Single


DJ Bobo, born Peter Ren Baumann, has a unique career history. Born in 1968 in Kolliken, Switzerland, the son of Italian father Luigi Cipriano and Swiss mother Ruth Baumann, the young DJ quickly discovered himself in the spotlight.

The following year he was awarded the Second position in the Swiss DJ championships. His success as a DJ earned him several DJ gigs at discotheques around Switzerland.

DJ BoBo has sold over fourteen million records worldwide and released twelve studio albums and thirty-four singles. His music has hit the top of the charts in Germany and numerous European areas. In August 2022, DJ Bobo performed at Bochum’s Zeltfestival.

The Swiss musician won numerous awards and hailed him from his home country, receiving the Best Selling Recording Artist award in 2002. On the other hand, his music has reached the top of the charts in Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland. He has likewise won several Gold and Platinum accreditations.

DJ BoBo – Hard to say I’m Sorry Single


In 1996, DJ Bobo began touring in Europe and Asia, performing in front of as many as 400,000 viewers and touring Australia and most of Asia. At the same time, DJ Bobo was not as hip in his native country, but as soon as he became famous, his career became a massive global success. He continues to play at sell-out shows.

Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

Swiss DJ Bobo tried to represent Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with his tune “Vampires Are Alive.” Stopped working to qualify for the Grand Final. The song was a successful Eurodance hit, and Bobo won numerous golds and platinum for it. It has gained appeal in Europe, Israel, and South America. He got the Swiss Showbusiness Award in 2004, provided to high achievers from Switzerland.

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