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List of DJ Tournaments

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DMC World DJ Championships – United Kingdom

The DMC Championships are a DJ competition held every year by the Disco Mix Club. It began in 1986 and has since become the world’s largest DJ championship. There are typically 3 competitions held throughout the event, the World championship, the Battle for World Supremacy, and the World DJ Team championship. Technics turntables must be used and DJs are allowed to use one mixer per competitor. Popular DJs from all over the world have performed and gained notoriety from this competition. Previous winners of the competition have included  DJ Shiftee, DJ Fly, Prime Cuts.

World Rap Championships – United States of America

Since 2006 the World Rap Championships, hosted by, have been held in the United States. The championships are composed of a 2v2 rap battle between 1000 rappers. The season is 5 months and includes over 700 rap battles. The rappers are given a chance to win $50,000 and the finals are held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. It does not matter what your style of rapping is as long as you are able to compete against another group in a battle. Impressing the judges is key but it’s also important to have witty punchlines and follow the beat without choking.

Red Bull Thre3style – Toronto, Ontario

The Red Bull Thre3tyle is a global DJ competition that encourages DJs to compete not only on technical skill but also how well they can pump up a crowd. Each competitor is given 15 minutes to impress the judges and the dance floor. The criteria for success are very strict and Red Bull strives to bring out the best in DJs from around the planet. DJs are provided with 2 turntables or CDJs, a mixer, 2 dicers, and whatever midi controller they want. The competitions are held globally with the upcoming final being held in Ukraine.

Winter Music Conference – DJ Spin-Off – Miami, Florida

The Winter Music Conference is one of the most popular annual music festivals in the world. Thousands of DJs flock to Miami to participate in the DJ Spin-Off. Started in 1985, the WMC is the most popular festival for EDM and House DJs to visit in the United States. DJs are judged on 10 different criteria including technical ability, creativity, and audience interaction. The areas of competition for the Spin-Off are Beat Matching and Scratching. DJs from all over the world are encouraged to attend.

Movida Corona – International DJ Contest

Aimed towards up-and-coming DJs, the Movida Corona DJ contest is a competition held by Mixcloud in order to promote amateur DJs into stardom. Mixcloud accepts DJ mixes online and will choose 50 of the best to compete for a chance to play at the grand finale in Ibiza during the summer. A deep knowledge of house music and a talented ability to mix is exactly what the judges are looking for. DJs are judged on their online uploads on the number of plays, track selection, technical ability, and originality. While a mix does have to be uploaded online, the competition is fierce and only truly talents DJS will make it past the first cut.

TWSTD DJ Contest – The Netherlands

Founded in 2005, TWSTD is the largest DJ contest in The Netherlands. Their goal is to provide young DJs a chance to enter into a professional mixing career. The finals are held at the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam and twice a month 5 DJs are able to compete for a chance to battle each other. The winner is offered several different gigs at a variety of clubs throughout The Netherlands and is able to take a 6-month music production course at a university in Amsterdam. Entrance is free and DJs of any skill are encouraged to participate.

Pioneer Digital DJ Competition – Asia

Held in Asia every year, most recently in Malaysia and the Philippines, the Pioneer Digital DJ competition is a contest where DJs from all over the world are free to compete against won another. Every participant must be able to mix 3 or more tracks and have proper knowledge of how to effectively use the mixer and controller in order to keep the crowd captivated and impress the judges. Many club owners and promoters attend these events and the winner and those who perform extremely well have a chance at gaining a residency at a prestigious Asian club.


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