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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M-R Turntable Review

[ 0 ] October 8, 2014 |

If you’re after a fashionable turntable with a white body, then you should checkout the pro-ject audio carbon 2M-R. Its a turntable that is in a league of style all of its own. You can purchase a black, or a red model too, however the white really is striking. You can see that although it looks basic, it packs a great punch in the quality department.

The Debut Carbon sets new standards in design. Its a minimalist turntable that specializes in vinyl. If you’re a long term fan of vinyl, or if you already have a collection of vinyl and you need a player that will keep your records in pristine condition, then the Pro-Ject Carbon will be your perfect fit.

The carbon tube for the tonearm is made to be resistant to any movement, and so you get a much higher quality sound as the needle doesn’t shake about as much as other turntables with a plastic tone arm. This is what makes up the cost for the turntable. This type of carbon tonearm was always used in high end turntables, but this is the first turntable for a domestic market that makes use of it.

  • Carbon tube arm
  • Minimalist design
  • Available in red, black, white, blue, and green

The platter size of the turntable has also had an increase in size and weight which gives it a smooth rotation too. The motor suspension on this turntable has been redesigned too, giving again even more quality to the output sound. The cartridge also comes pre-aligned, and is a 2M Red type from Ortofon. Unlike other turntables the motor is suspended, so there is no drag movement when you startup the motor.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon audio portsThe turntable comes complete with everything you need to start playing right away from the box. The packaging of the turntable includes a plastic dust cover, and also the metal platter and the felt mat, which are both packaged separately. Just loop the belt over both the motor, and the platter hub to get it started.

The actual plug in points such as the audio outputs, and the actual power connection switches are all hidden from view, so you can have a very clean and well organised look to your turntable setup. There are also RCA cables included, that come with a grounding wire built in.

This is a great quality turntable, and definitely one you should checkout if your replacing your existing turntable, and have the cash to spare. The quality is really in the sound with the Debut Carbon.

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