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Pyle PLTTB1 vinyl belt drive turntable review

[ 0 ] October 13, 2014 |

If your after a quality turntable at a good price point to play your classic vinyl collection without any thrills, but good quality sound then the Pyle PLTTB1 is the turntable for you. The turntable has a belt drive mechanism inside it, and can playback at dual speeds 33 ⅓ and 45 rpm.

There is also adjustable pitch control with a +/- of 16%. This is great if you are an owner of real vintage vinyl’s, as the pitch controls always give you full control over the type of sounds that are output.

There is a weighted S tone arm, that plays records beautifully. This vinyl turntable is an affordable option for vinyl lovers who want a high quality sound at an affordable price.  The arm and stylus are weighted perfectly for play straight out of the box, and they are completely adjustable. This means there is no skating on your record playing.

PLTTB1The Pyle PLTTB1 belt-drive turntable will help make classic LPs and modern vinyl records sound like new. The turntable also houses a stroboscope lamp that illuminates the outside-edge markings, making it very easy to make really precise speed adjustments. To start or stop the turntable instantly, simply press the integrated start/stop switch and it’s done.

The turntable has a balanced counterweight that is better quality than what you would expect for the price. Along with an anti-skating function, and also a dust cover that help protect the platter from any dirt and debris. The PLTTBI also comes with the stylus and cartridge, and also the 45 rpm adapter. The included cartridge is an Audio Technica AT3400. This is a good cartridge with a good retail value, and when it wears out its recommend you can replace it with a better cartridge.

The Output for the turntable is RCA with a ground. There is no USB option, and you will need to purchase a separate pre-amp to get it working too. It is a lightweight turntable compared to many older turntables at around 7 pounds, and it has a shock protected base so it won’t skip or miss a beat.

You won’t be expecting the very best for the price, however for what you are paying for this is very good quality. You can even if you want to record your music straight into your pc with the correct cables and soundcard input, and convert your vinyl’s to a high quality digital sounding mp3. Although built exclusively for vinyl turntable fans, this is a good sounding unit, that will last you ages.

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