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The Pioneer CDJ-2000-NXS Digital Turntable Review

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With the New Year now here is it time to upgrade your DJ equipment? Well here is your excuse to splash out on what is easily setting the pace in the digital music market. The Pioneer CDJ-2000-NXS is the first, and only, DJ Player, which is able to provide compatibility with Pioneers brand new REKORDBOX App for your Android Tablets, iPod Touch, and Smartphones.

This is also the very first DJ Player to offer users the ability to transfer music and settings via your Wi-Fi connection. This alone easily justifies the price tag, allowing you to create a setup wherever you need in your home, or much easier in a club with the hassle of connecting wires to your laptop.

New functions on the CDJ-2000-NXS include Beat Sync, Wave Zoom and Slip. There is a new, larger selection screen interface, increased visibility for the needle on your search pad and the master tempo sound quality has been vastly improved.

  • Redesigned Color LCD
  • Wifi Network Connections
  • Save Playlists & Settings

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With new Wi-Fi capabilities, The CDJ 2000 gives you different music sources including your computer, or any shared music  device you have on your home network. In addition, you can use the Pioneer REKORDBOX App to create your own custom playlists, cue and loop points, set beat locations, view a waveform analysis, and even find out how much bandwidth you are using.  Allowing you also to catalog your music collection completely, this turntable is defiantly aiming for the top spot in the market.

The CDJ-2000-NXS supports supports a direct SD-Card plugin in, located in the top left hand corner of the turntable control panel. With four ports on the back of the CDJ you can synchronize up to 4 additional CDJ-2000-NXS players, which will share a single audio source between them all. This feature, called the Pro DJ Link, lets you connect via the Link Ports and features a Beat Sync, Traffic Light, Beat Count and Phase Meter options. The Synch function allows connected players to match the tempo and beat position of another track playing on the same network too. Just another example of how serious this turntable wants to be part of your DJ toolkit.

The processor in this model of Pioneer is a Wolfson, which achieves amazing sound quality, delivers transparent and accurate audio signals and has in improved signal to noise ratio. This DJ Player has DJ Software for MIDI and HID Control and has 35 controls on the surface of the player.  It is a time saving digital turntable with so many options you can save your configurations with the “My Settings” feature, allowing the user to save the settings to an iPhone, USB card, SD card or similar memory device. These settings can be adjusted and created ahead of time on the REKORDBOX App as well, allowing you to move effortlessly between your settings when you connect to the CDJ DJ Player.

pioneer lcd CDJ 2000 digital turntable display
pioneer lcd CDJ 2000 digital turntable display

This DJ Player has a full-color LCD display. The 6.1-inch WQVGA LCD panel displays song titles, detailed track and song information and album art. The display is also capable of showing wave data, magnification of wave data and data which is color-coded (with up to 5 colors) to reflect bandwidth usage. The REKORDBOX App, is not the best music software on the market, but it doesn’t need to be, as everything is focused on your ability directly with the turntable, and the app is like a good backup help, and idea storage center.

You can create additional playlists, manage your beat location settings, create a simple active loop, or use the hot cue auto load and wave form zoom. REKORDBOX allows you to work on the fly with your upcoming tracks, and then load them into the player letting you work your fingertips with your DJ magic.

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