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Pioneer Pro DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller Review

[ 0 ] April 13, 2015 |

Pioneer have revised the DDJ-SX with the DDJ-SX2, adding hardware support for Serato Flip and Serato DVS. Its still a high quality DJ controller, and if you’re thinking of upgrading then it would be a good idea to do so. There are 16 soft touch rubber pads with complete RGB back lighting, and you can use them for everything from loop rolls and hot cues, to slicing and sampling.

The latency of the jog wheel has been improved, and now the response time between the DDJ-SX2 platters are at a minimum. Even better for scratching. There is now a countdown to cue display shown in the jog wheel display.

The DDj-SX2 is capable of controlling 4 decks of audio and it can quickly change between 1/3 and 2/4. The controller itself can be used as a standalone 4 channel mixer, and is compatible if you want to upgrade with Serato DVS.

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What is Serato Flip? Its an expansion pack that gives you the option to make edits on your tracks. Edits such as extended intros, breakdowns, transition sections of tracks and outros. You can also edit the tempo and change the beat structure, while auto skipping choruses and verses. You still need to buy Serato DJ separately, as its not included. There is an amplified microphone input that is also balanced, and a built in audio interface. There are a few headphone outputs and 2 masters RCA & XLR as well as a booth out. There is a usb port for PC and laptop connection, and the device itself is powered with an included AC adaptor.

Pioneer DDJ SX2

Pioneer DDJ SX2

The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ controller has 4 channels so you can hook up the controller to extra external devices such as vinyl tables or another mixer. You can even connect a CDJ or a vinyl turntable, and scratch and mix with them. It has a slip mode which allows for a silent playback to help make your transitions easier. It is also very well lit with its button backlighting and is perfect if you need to use it in a dark club. The design of the SX2 features an aluminium finish, and the jog wheel is different from the original SX as it now includes the hot cue countdown feature.

With Serato Flip you can easily record multiple hot cue combinations and then replay them back on loop. You can even record yourself triggering your cues with the performance pads, and then loop them back on sequence automatically. There are 6 slots enabling you to store upto 6 sequences. There are 3 buttons that cover the functions of the Serato Flip, record, start and slot.

As a DJ you can trigger the quantized hot cues, sampler, slicer and roll. You can press the shift button to then save your cue and then activate it, along with the slicer loops. You can select velocity mode and control the sample volume through the amount of pressure that you apply to the buttons. This is overall a great controller, and although more expensive than the budget controllers, you really get the professionalism that you pay for with the DDJ-SX2.

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