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Serato DJ Review

[ 0 ] April 14, 2015 |

The Software

Known as “the future of professional DJ software” and extremely well-known for winning the “Best DJ Software 2014” award at the DJ Tech Awards, Serato DJ is revolutionary DJ software that has changed the way DJs drop the beat. Serato DJ is the talk of the DJ town as the software brings everything a DJ might need, from the very basic DJ tools to the highly advanced ones.


Serato DJ is a piece of software that comes with tons of invigorating features, and the following are some of the most noteworthy ones:

Virtual Decks

serato-dj-logoSerato DJ is known for its large virtual decks that provide DJs with critical track information such as BPM, the time remaining, the time elapsed, information regarding the track’s pitch, cue point indications and the progress of tracks. Serato DJ’s virtual decks are as big as they can possibly be and provide vital track information in the best way possible.


Serato DJ brings Sync for all the DVS DJs out there, but the people behind the software know that DJs have mixed feelings about it, so turning Sync off is no hard task.

Quantize Mode

Serato DJ brings a feature known as ‘Quantize Mode’ that is here to ensure that DJs always trigger cue points completely on beat, as long as they have the right beatgrids set.

A virtual MIDI Panel

Serato DJ also brings with it a virtual MIDI panel that offers features such as library scroll and loop rolls. Serato DJ users can take advantage of the virtual MIDI panel that the DJ software comes with in order to get unparalleled control over their music, even if the hardware they’re using the software with does not support the MIDI panel.

A library that is five times larger

Also with Serato DJ comes a library that is up to five times larger than that of any other DJ software in existence. DJs can load substantially large music libraries onto the Serato DJ library, meaning that they will have more music on their fingertips. In addition, not only is Serato DJ’s library larger but it is also more efficient as it offers impeccable file management.

Support for Remote 1.2

Serato Remote is a mobile app that provides DJs with remote access to the Serato DJ software. Serato Remote 1.2 is an update that brings with it features such as PLAY, SYNC, QUANTIZE and an innovative feature known as CUE POINT NAME DISPLAY to everyone who uses the revolutionary DJ software. Remote 1.2 also brings some performance improvements and quality enhancements, and Serato DJ supports Serato Remote 1.2 to every extent.

Support for OS X Yosemite

Another quite astounding feature that the full version of Serato DJ comes with is support for OS X Yosemite. OS X Yosemite is the latest and greatest version of Apple’s OS X, and since it is a fairly new platform, not many DJ software support it. However, Serato DJ is one of the very few specimens of DJ software that do support Apple’s latest computing platform.

Plug & Play

Unlike many other of its kind, Serato DJ is a piece of DJ software that is Plug & Play. For them to use Serato DJ, a DJ need only connect the software to the hardware they want to use without having to make any optimizations or install any additional drivers.


Last, but certainly not the least, an extremely significant feature that Serato DJ comes with is support for almost every piece of DJ hardware that exists. From simple DVS mixers and CDJs to more complex professional and entry-level controllers, Serato DJ works with almost everything.


All things considered, Serato DJ brings the thunder for every single DJ that chooses to use the software. Serato DJ has everything a DJ might possibly need and then some, and that is precisely what makes Serato DJ the ideal choice for any and all DJs looking for their perfect companion.

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