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Pioneer XDJ-1000 Digital Turntable

[ 0 ] September 9, 2017 |

It might seem like a big leap from the previous model CDJ-850, but this turntable packs a few more features, and has no CD capability. By now, you probably won’t miss this feature, but it is important to be clear about this right away.

When you first setup the XDJ-1000, you’ll be impressed by the huge touch screen that is on offer. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between this and the previous model, although one big change is the removal of the auto beat loop and cue, loop recall, and save buttons. These are now included on the screen, so you still have access to them, don’t worry about that.

Now although this digital turntable has been around for a while, it still has one of the most impressive sized screens, we have reviewed. Even compared to the very favourable Pioneer CDJ 2000. Unlike the previous model too, the screen is now angled up, to make it easier to see.

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You can run this turntable in HID mode with Serato DJ, and it is midi compatible with whatever software you choose to map this too. The setup with the XDJ-1000 is simple though, you use Rekordbox to prepare your set, and analyse the waveforms, beat grids, and determine cue points. So basically you use Rekordbox to prepare the tunes you are going to use for your performance. You can transfer your music from laptop to USB, and use the USB directly with the turntable, but you also have the option to plug your laptop in too, if you really want to do that.

Pioneer XDJ-1000

If you are using a pair of XDJ-1000s then you will need an ethernet cable to sync from a single USB stick. You will also have access to quantised looping, slip mode, and also hot cues. You can access these from a perform mode on the touchscreens. You can even hack together a censor function with the slip mode, and the reverse physical button. Something that is great if you want to cut out any bad language.

You can access your music tracks easily using the search criteria, including with a great on screen Qwerty keyboard, which really makes finding tracks a breeze. Unlike the CDJ-2000 this turntable doesn’t have a high end sound card, so that’s a bit of a let down. Neither is there tension adjustment capabilities on the jog wheel, or jog wheel illumination. The controls on the screen are quite small in size, especially the sync and slip, which means if you have large fingers, you should probably test this out before buying one.

To summarize this digital turntable up, it’s not exactly high end, but you are almost paying a high end price for it. You can see the appeal of the XDJ-1000 though, it has a superb digital touch screen system, and works effortlessly with Rekordbox. If you really love Pioneer equipment, then you’re probably already sold on this.


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