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Numark NS7III DJ Controller

[ 0 ] September 7, 2017 |

Known as a Numark’s flagship four channel controller, and building on the earlier models, NS7II & the NS7FX, with the addition of three high resolution color screens. The screens on either side provide the DJ with waveforms, FX status, playhead, and deck. The third screen, located in the middle, gives the user a dedicated view of the track library. However, if you need, you can switch the display to show stacked parallel waveforms. Apart from this addition it’s very similar to the previous model.

Something that first stands out about this controller is that it is class compliant, this means there is no need for any hardware drivers. So you can connect it up to a laptop or Mac, without the problem of any compatibility issues. The five inch screens clip onto the back of the controller, securely and easily. The screens are easy to see, and even in a busy night club lighting environment, can be seen easily. This means you won’t have any difficulty mixing, or selecting tracks.

To set up this controller, it’s pretty easy. You connect the screens up to the main unit for power, and then you can install Serato DJ on your laptop. Once you do, the three Numark boot up logos will disappear from the screens. You’ll then have the waveforms either side, ready, as well as your playlist in the center.

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You can then load your tracks using the big library scroll knob. There are also folders and loading buttons Using the large knob will switch to the library screen the moment you touch it. This is the kind of attention to detail that makes the NS7III really something special. You can also open the prepare window directly on your laptop in Serato DJ. You can add tracks here too. Another nice touch. You can then sort by artist, name of track, BPM, and album.

When you load a track to one of the decks, remember there are four, along with channels, you do it with the big switching buttons. The waveform will be loading on the matching screen, along with some various bits of information too. You can then hit the view button, and you’ll be presented on the screens, with a replaced Sereto deck platter, and then the waveforms move to the centre screen. You can then load another track on the opposite deck, and suddenly you’ve got parallel waveforms. A gift for any experienced DJ to play with.

NS7III DJ controller

Is it practical to DJ with this controller, without your laptop? Well, the first thing you will be wishing, is that the centre screen would be bigger. But it’s useable. You just need to make sure you have an organised playlist, and you’re familiar with it.

What about the rest of the DJ controller? The pads are Akai Pro pads, and feel strong to touch. Well worth the price really. You have access to all the usual functions, including auto roll, and slicer. They are color graded, so it soon becomes intuitive for which key you want to press. You also have touch FX, and also EQs.

The turntable platters themselves are 7” and they have a similar feel to using techniques, which for the more veteran DJ’s will be a god send, especially to if you are upgrading from a vinyl turntable. The torque is adjustable, and they come with slipmats, and are made from real vinyl too.

Other things to mention about this controller include four independent channels for line and phono, a standalone mixer capability, great for when laptop junkies can’t get to one. Checkout the censor and reverse paddle switches too. With the censor, you just momentarily reverse the track, and reverse will permanently reverse the the track. Which makes for some great DJing ideas. Also, just like a real turntable, there is a deck start and stop buttons.

This is a great controller, and although not the latest controller, it is still a high level controller that will give you many years of great sounding mixes.

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