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Who is DJ Quik?

[ 2 ] June 21, 2017 |

dj quik on turntablesBorn David Marvin Blake, in 1970, the best selling American hip hop artist, DJ, and record producer known as DJ Quik. He admitted that the reason he came to be known as this, was his ability to create records quickly.

He was brought up in Compton California, and was inspired mostly by soul and funk artists. Roger Troutman, James Brown, George Clinton, just some of the famous names he began to get inspiration from. He was playing instruments by the age of 12, and then selling mix tapes, most notably The Red Tape 1987, once he was given a turntable after his 8th grade graduation. He then started doing local shows around Southern California, many of which resulted in gang related fits and scuffles.

His first album came in 1991, and was called “Quik Is the Name”. The album had two successful tracks, “Born and Raised in Compton” and “Tonite” both in the top 20 R&B, and with the album going on to reach number 10 on the album charts.

His second album “Way 2 Fonky” was released in 1992, and was certified gold. It couldn’t go on to match the enthusiasm for Quik’s original debut, but it was still very well received. He also started to make his name as a producer with the debut album of the Penthouse Players Clique. It was during this time that he collaborated on many Death Row tracks, including the Above the Rim soundtrack.

His third album came out in 1995, “Safe + Sound” and made an entry on the Billboard 200 at number 14. It features Playa Hamm, Hi-C, and Kam. The album had a couple of notable singles, “Dollaz & Sense” and “Safe + Sound”. It was during this period that he began a feud with MC Eiht.

In 1997 Quik discovered a rapper by the name of Suga Free who originally was a pimp, but had turned to the rap game. Quik was the producer on the album “Street Gospel” which was thought of as a classic in California. A year later Quik released his fourth album “Rhythm-al-ism, which went gold.

By this time Quik’s name was well known and he was regularly working with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Dr Dre. Quiks last studio album was “The Book of David” in 2011. It included collaborations with Ice Cube. Kurupt, Bizzy Bone. The album did moderately well.

DJ Quik is known far and wide in hip hop, and has made a career out of producing records for other people, while maintaining a solo career. Something quite hard to do successfully in the hip hop world. He still works with many artist’s East and West coast, and is known for his love of DJ technology. He is known to mix on DJ controllers such as the Gemini CDMP 7000.

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  1. Avatar Austin says:

    DJ Quik is my favorite DJ, what do you think about DJ Khaled?

    • Avatar Mix Master Mcgregor says:

      Yeah, I like DJ Khaled too, since he’s been around for so long, it’s like only in the last few years has he really got the recognition as a top-class DJ.

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