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Pioneer XDJ-R1 DJ Controller Review

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DJ Controllers have many different features, but one of the most unique features is wireless control through ipad, iphone or even ipod. This is what the Pioneer XDJ-R1 has, and its called Wireless Direct. Its a method of connecting and controlling your device with Pioneers software remotebox app2. It allows you to connect your IOS device even if there is no WIFI network available.

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 features Wireless Direct which allows you to control everything you need to continue your music set, even when you are away from the system. You can control the volume system, and also change tracks. You even have access to the Auto Beat Loop function that loops the music at a specific tempo of your choosing, as well as various other effects using the X-Y pads.

At the heart of the XDJ-R1’s wireless feature is the app remotebox. You can use it to create playlists from your IOS device, and you can search for specific tracks. You can detect, measure, and adjust the beats that you’re playing as well as he tempo, and other elements of your music during a performance. You can also set and store your point information like hot cueing and looping, prior to any performance you might be doing. This means that when you are using the platters to perform scratches, or cue up specific points in a track, you can get really accurate sounding quality too.

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pioneer XDJ-R1
pioneer XDJ-R1

You can as well as using an IOS device also use audio cd’s with the XDJ-R1. There are 2 slots for cd’s on the front of the machine. You can play traditional audio cd’s as well as cd’s that have mp3 files on them. You can also plug in a flash drive that has your mp3 music tracks loaded on it. The file formats that are supported include mp3, aiff, and wav files to. There is also support for MIDI, so you can use your favourite DJ software.

You can download free when you purchase the XDJ-R1 Dj controller a copy of Virtual DJ limited edition. This gives you the chance to do 4 channel mixing, as well as access loops, effects and a sampler. With the sampler you can add effects such as trans, flanger, also echo and roll.

There are more effects available to with the help of the sound color FX, which gives you 4 more effects that are not found on most other turntable controllers. These are filter, crush, noise and also jet. You can also beat sync with the turntable controller too. There is a feature called beat sync4 which gives you at the touch of the sync button the ability to synchronize the beats of any tracks you play through the rekordbox music software.

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 includes the quantize function which gives you automatic correction of the synchronization when you are using effects such as the auto beat loop or the beat effect features. There is special noise reduction technology designed into the unit that means the internal analog and digital circuits have been separated to avoid noise and interference.

The length of the digital conversion to analog has also been shortened. There is a high performance processor on the internal sound card that gives you unparalleled sound performance. There is also included an independent 3 band isolator, with master out (XLR) also booth out, AUX, and MIC ports so you can add additional devices, and even use a microphone.

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