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Top 5 DJs to Watch for in 2022

[ 0 ] February 12, 2022 |

As some companies have recently celebrated from their humble beginnings in the music vinyl record business, over 20 years ago, many DJs who weren’t even born at the time, are now spinning with all things digital. Forget carrying coffins around the place with your records inside, now you can store on a USB drive, all the night’s songs and more.

Doctor Bodalia

My first favorite DJ pick to watch out for in 2022, has to be the one, that we most turned to during the pandemic, and not just for music. Doctor Bodalia is now performing with Fatboy Slim at sold-out stadium events. He’s been getting his grind on at The Hundred, the new televised short-form version of cricket. Performing to the crowds there. 

We’ve probably tuned into his TikTok or youtube shorts, and broadcasts, where he is DJing to colleagues in his scrubs. What a sight that is. Who could ask for more for an emergency key worker? When the emergency arrives with the turntables, Doctor Bodalia steps up.

You can read more about this London-born DJ here.


One of the females now, its Brooklyn-based DJ and also a producer, see, already you know she can’t be just a pretty face. She started her music DJ mixing, back in 2013, as the alias Ayes Cold. Her name is just as it is Ayesha, so nothing fancy, just vanilla. With her latest release, she has gained international recognition and made appearances over the other side of the pond.

Her tastes are as wild as a colorful cocktail of vinyl. She enjoys the world of breaks, techno, drum & bass. She does have experience performing in-house shows, clubs, and warehouses. However, that was back when her moniker was DJ Ayes Cold. She went on to work promoting and booking electronic music around the globe, and this gave her a deep sense of appreciation for the culture. After spending almost a decade digging in crates, Ayesha is releasing great-sounding music on SoundCloud, with all types of production qualities.

You can find all her links here.


Now the next DJ on the list was born in 1995, and he started DJing in high school, where he was known as DJ Caution. He ripped up the local warehouse parties, but then planned to move to LA to study production, but instead just made the effort to learn all about DJing and production through the internet. His best work so far has been Cherish’s 2021 remix of “Do It to It”

2022 will surely see big things to come from Acraze, which he is now known as. He’s a global star now hailing from Statin Island New York, as his remix reached the top 20 in many countries.


Back to the females again now. This time in San Diego, and with Casmalia the multi-talented DJ, producer, and vocalist, you can be sure, she’s brought the dance floor vibes with her. She made her breakthrough in 2017, releasing lots of tracks under many labels, and eventually settling on Insomniac Records.

She plays a refreshing sound, with nods of disco, 90’s hip hop, and of course, Detroit-inspired techno. Casmalia has, through her production talents, developed a whirlwind of musical flavors, which include bass-heavy house, and a sprinkle of any other type of house she can find. She was invited to perform on stage at EDC Las Vegas & stereoBLOOM. Let’s hope she can someone go even higher in this business.

Casmalia Soundcloud

Morgin Madison

Imagine working as a government lobbyist, only to turn in your suit, for a pair of turntables? Well, this is exactly what Morgin Madison did to breakthrough into the industry. Sometimes it takes a clean break, and then years of dedication, that he applied. He practiced DJing, studied music production, and has influences from as diverse as electro-pop to progressive house.

Some of his best-known works include the Some Nights EP from mau5trap. He made his debut with his album Living The Phantasm which was a homage to many soundscapes across the music genre. Something for everything, and lots to discover. Pay attention to 2022 for more top DJ mixes, and production

You can follow him on Twitter here.

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