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Who created the Whistle song?

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If you’ve heard about DJ Aligator, you might be questioning: who is he? The Web is filled with rumors about DJ Aligator and his musical escapades.

Known For

DJ Aligator is an Iranian-Danish trance producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Born in Tehran, Iran, he moved to Denmark at a young age to pursue his musical profession. After studying jazz and classical music, he enrolled in the Rhythmic music program at the Danish Music Conservatory. DJ Aligator has released several tracks, including one of the most famous, “The Whistle Song.”

DJ Aligator’s first hit, “The Whistle Song,” struck the charts in the early 2000s. It is ultimately spotted in Denmark. Now, his track remixes have taken control of international dance floors and party hotspots.


DJ Aligator was born on an unidentified day under an unknown moon in Iran. Born as the youngest member of a big family of 6, DJ Aligator grew up as a musical genius. He explains his early years as filled with love and attention from his mom, dad, and brother or sisters.

His family, while he was growing up, would often come together to sing and dance and dance to maybe a hired live band. He got his obsession with music from the many keyboards that played at the house, and he took in their techniques and styles wide-eyed as a youngster. It then all started with a toy keyboard for his tenth birthday present.

While he grew up with his keyboard, he soon gained a reputation for having an ear to pick out a tune and play it without being vastly different. He devoted much of his spare time to playing the keyboard and started attending local courses that taught classical music and jazz.

DJ Aligator relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark, when he was thirteen. He studied more music and increased his musical instrument collection from keyboards to mixers and DJ controllers to improve his production skills. He got his first gig responding to a nightclub advert that wanted a local DJ.

His breakthrough

After a couple of failed single and musical collaborations, DJ Aligator hit his bedroom apartment to mix a new creation that he had imagined, inspired by the whistles used by clubbers earlier that night at the club where he played. It took 5 hours, but the Whistle song was then born.

Most recent performance of the Whistle song by DJ Aligator

He attempted to promote the music to many record companies, but none of them showed any interest whatsoever. He wasn’t overcome with disappointment. However, he pressed on with a plan of sending a couple of hundred CDs out to people as singles. The people were all influential DJs in the club scene, and the record soon picked up regular rotation and mass appeal.

DJ Aligator is a trance DJ, producer, and artist. The Persian-Danish artist is known also for his hit single Whistle. The single likewise accomplished quadruple platinum status in Denmark. Aliasghar Movasat has also composed songs like “Lollipop” with Calvin Allan.

His pastimes include taking trips, internet browsing, and discovering different cultures and numerous citizenships. He is a multi-talented character known throughout many countries for his DJ sets.


DJ Aligator’s net worth is between $1 and $5 million. His net worth has increased drastically throughout the years as he has been making his name internationally and showing that he is an incredible skill. While he is understood for his many hits, the Iranian-Danish DJ keeps social media accounts and has a family.

Today, he has settled in Sweden and enjoys mixing at his studio there, known as Gator Records, accordingly. You can find him on his various social media profiles by checking out his website here.


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