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A Slick DJ Controller for the Experienced Turntablist from Traktor

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This Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 review will discuss its efficiency pads, professional style, and Mixer FX. It also takes a look at its outside inputs. A wide range of inputs is readily available for this DJ software program, consisting of USB, MIDI, and RCA.

Performance pads

DJs who desire more than a standard pad are most likely to love the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 Mk3 pads. Whether you’re a techno DJ or similar to try out different sounds and beats, the Traktor Kontrol S4 has the controls you require to remain ahead of the game. There are eight RGB pads on either side that you can utilize to set hotkeys and control loops.

Complete Review

The brand-new S4 controller has had a makeover and has a better feel than the previous models. The buttons are more prominent and have more accurate haptic responses. Handles are more ergonomic, making them easier to use. The format resembles the S5 and S8 controllers, but the S4 MK3 has a mechanized plate, more buttons, and boosted spacing.

The S4 MK3 is designed for the demands of a DJ, supplying intuitive control of as many as four decks. It is compatible with the most up-to-date TRAKTOR PRO 3 DJ software and features a complete set of software compatibility options.

Native Instruments Traktor Pro 4 also features a Mixer FX section. Each FX has a large handle that regulates the selected impact and an on/off switch. In addition, the software program makes it very easy to alter FX settings to achieve the desired audio.

Better Sound Quality

The S4 has four pads and a sample button for regulating samples. Its encoder handle is likewise used to regulate the position within the beat or bar framework. It also features a streamlined set of inbuilt add-ons and functions. It has switches that allow you to produce a drumming pattern from examples loaded on the DJ deck. It sustains quantization as well as looping. It also has a hot cue setting, an excellent feature for techno DJs.

On top of that, this DJ controller offers a screen on each side that provides information about track info, loopholes, and remix decks. The S4 is an excellent selection for a DJ seeking a practical yet lightweight controller. It crams in innovative functions and also is valued competitively. It has a new design and some excellent features.

The S4 Mk3 Mixer FX has enhanced buttons and a slimmer and much smaller format. It has more oversized buttons and clicks, while the eight rubber cue pads are small and finger-friendly. The controller is additionally compatible with Haptic Engine cue points. This feature provides your music with an exceptionally realistic feeling. It stimulates the resonances of an actual turntable, so it seems like you’re mixing a real record.

The S4 features a great sound card, solid connectivity, and a tidy design. Its design and layout are an improvement over its predecessor, and it supplies many creative tools for four network DJs. It is the most effective choice for striving Traktor followers.

Traktor is recognized for its deep FX sections, and meaningful audio palettes, yet not every DJ needs a full-on FX engine. NI has responded to this market demand by establishing the Mixer FX result output. This new results engine is different from the primary 4 FX banks, and it combines easy-to-delay and reverb with reduced and high pass filters.

The audio card is enhanced, and the Traktor controller is very lightweight, making it simple to relocate from one space to another. A couple of attributes are missing, though. Nevertheless, the controller is still not the most advanced. Its build top quality might not be the most effective option for a specialist DJ. However, it can still be a good tool for any house studio DJ.

Turntable layout.

Native Instruments has stepped back from the initial Traktor controller’s complex controls and replaced them with an easier layout. The S4 now has four channels and also an example deck. 

One of the crucial improvements in the S4 MK3 is its enhanced interface, which reflects modern-day expert DJ criteria and high construct high quality. Although smaller, it retains the turntable’s appearance and features elegant spinning platters. Regardless of its dimension, the S4 has been upgraded to enhance the customer experience, but typical Kontrol customers may wish to stay with the older designs.

Mixer and Fader Section

The Mixdown S4 is a standalone mixer that can double as a recording device. It supports high-level line inputs from synthesizers as well as drum makers. It likewise has four channels and can be set up with different impacts for every network. There are additionally efficiency pads on the third and also fourth decks.

The Kontrol S4 MK3 has a boosted fader system, much like the S5 and S8 controllers. The faders have a new layout that minimizes the amount of dust on the controller. The faders are likewise extra resilient.

As with the previous generation of Traktor Kontrol, the S4 MK3 is outfitted with external networks. Its jack and mini-jack headphone ports enable links to powered speakers or an amp. The S4 Mk3 likewise has a MIDI racket outlet.

The Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3, while still featuring many of the same attributes, isn’t always the best choice for a specialist DJ. Its construct quality isn’t the best, and it might not be one of the most effective choices for a specialist. Nevertheless, this mixer is still a superb selection if you’re a new DJ and don’t need the extra features.

The S4 Mk3 provides DJs with intuitive controls over four decks and additionally includes a brand-new Haptic Drive that supplies haptic feedback and likewise consists of the Traktor Pro 3 software program.

The Mixer FX on this controller allows you to include a new shade to your tracks on the fly. The one-knob results consist of Reverb, Dual Hold-up, Noise, Time Gater, and Filter. These impacts can be used separately or layered to create unique audio.

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