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About Underground DJs

[ 0 ] July 1, 2020 |

One of the latest trends in the music industry is underground DJs. What are underground DJs? They are technically sound DJ’s who work on their own techno or hip-hop productions. They put up mixes online and use freeware software to create videos and even live shows that make them accessible to all listeners, regardless of their location.

Vinyl and CD’s are two main categories that artists prefer to use to distribute their music. One of the benefits of using a vinyl or CD is the protection provided by the labels.

Another main benefit to using these is the availability of the CD. A CD is easier to transport as it doesn’t break or get scratched when being transported.

Underground DJ Performing at a ClubAs time passes, the physical quality of vinyl and CD is deteriorating as vinyl and CD’s have not seen too much improvement in the last few years. Vinyl records do not last as long as CD’s and they are prone to scratches.

So, what about DJs? You might ask? Well there is a big difference between DJs and Underground DJs.

An Underground DJ works from home and can create mixes and remixes all by themselves. When an artist makes a record they can usually upload the music to be used by an artist’s fan base online. When the artist gets paid for their work, this is how the money is distributed.

There are sites like iTunes and Bandcamp that allows fans to download any music at no cost. These sites charge artists a fee when they sign up with them.

An artist who has chosen to use a record label to release their music, will pay their distributor a certain amount each time their music is downloaded. This fee will help the artist with the finances necessary to have the artist’s music released in a different way.

It’s like a movie with a limited edition movie ticket. Once you buy it, you will have to wait until a certain date to see the movie. In this case the artist will either release the album digitally or he or she will release it physically, whatever the best route to take is.

With artists releasing vinyl and CDs there is no need to worry about physical copies of the album being sold. The artist, label, or distributor can be paid directly for the download if they choose to do so. The artist can sell the download or CD at any point in time of the year.

Digital Downloads will never fail to deliver the same types of digital quality as the CD or vinyl. This means the song will still sound great and will not become corrupted or scratch the media.

Music fans who love music will always be able to enjoy a digital download because they can listen to their favorite tracks when they want. The artist, publisher, or distributor of the digital download can be in touch with the fan base 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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