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Best digital turntable for scratching

[ 0 ] April 2, 2013 |

Analog is dead. Long live digital. This is the message that seems to be coming from the turntable manufacturers. Now that digital turntables have gained mainstream popularity, can you still do the same things that you could on the traditional vinyl turntables like scratching?

The NS6 is a 4-channel Digital DJ controller. It is your one stop shop for moving into the digital DJ arena. This isn’t a cheap setup. However, it has everything you need and more. Once you buy this, you won’t need to add anything else to your setup. You do still have to connect them to an output and your PC or laptop. It means that when you want to carry your turntables, you only have a single item to carry.

So what makes this digital turntable any good? Well first of all it has the highest resolution touch activated platters ever built into DJ turntable equipment. This means that if you want to do digital scratching, then you can expect to be surprised. I mean really surprised. Mixing and using the platters is as close to real vinyl mixing as you can get. You get  high definition precise touch control.

  • Premium 4-channels
  • Touch activated platters
  • Strip search song navigation
  • Dedicated hardware FX controls

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Although the NS6 can be used with a computer, it can very happily work independently  and mix from a variety of external sources, including vinyl or cd. Although there are 2 turntables in the machine, it actually has 4 decks. This means you can really tie together some great sounding mixes, and store them up to just activate them at the touch of a button.

numark ns6 digital turntables
Numark ns6 digital turntables

There is a strip search facility on the turntable that uses LED’s to pinpoint the timeline of the track. This gives you superb accuracy and feels just like a virtual needle. Built into the turntable is also a 24 bit mixer. You can make some really amazing effects instantly that would take you years to learn on a vinyl turntable. How about crushing, braking & repeating? You can layer and blend your effects on top of each other too, and even warp, mangle and shape them.

One of the best things about digital turntables too, is obviously you don’t have to carry your vinyl collection around with you, and you don’t have to damage your vinyls by scratching them either. Your music is stored in an easily accessible music library, that means you can call upon any track you want, and rack them up ready for you to include in your music mix. If you need to match up your tracks you can also easily do that with the beat grid function.

Really you have no more excuses to keep abusing your vinyl now. You can now scratch just like your using vinyl, and never again wear them out. If you’re ready to take your DJing to the next level, click here.


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