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USB DJ Controller for Mac and PC

[ 0 ] June 1, 2013 |

You don’t get all the features with a DJ controller that you normally would with a digital turntable, however once you connect this controller to your laptop or pc, you would never be able to tell the difference. This controller is designed to connect to your favourite music software, and allow you to create the same type of mixes and effects that a real DJ makes.

This is a portable DJ controller that is small enough to take to a venue with your laptop and you can create your music there. Its perfect for DJ’s who are running party events, and excellent if you want to practise your music production skills or even become a famous DJ. The Numark Mixtrack DJ controller has all you need. If you want to cue songs you will need to look at a separate audio interface, which are very cheap and connect to your laptop via USB.

The controller features 2 touchpads, as well as a complete mixer section. The turntable touchpads are touch sensitive, and you can use them to create a scratch, control the pitch of the music or simply to stop the track at any point you want. The mixtrack has an easy to use crossfader, and line fader, and there are also features that you can use to create looping effects.

  • Single USB Connection.
  • Touch Sensitive Control Wheels.
  • Includes Full DJ Software.

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The controller comes with the well known and popular software package Virtual DJ LE. This software integrates with your music collection, and create a powerful and easy to access library that allow you to build complex mixes for either home or live performances. If you have your music collection stored on a cloud then this is an even easier way to access your music. You can just download whatever music tracks you need to play on your laptop, and you’ll never scratch another vinyl again. The mix track controller uses USB MIDI, which means that it can work just as easily with your own midi mappable DJ software. It even integrates with your Itunes library.

USB DJ Controller deck

USB DJ Controller deck

The controller is really easy to setup, and connects directly to your computer for its power supply. It will easily connect to a PC laptop, or a Mac laptop. Once it’s plugged in, its ready to start playing with right away. You will receive a quick start guide to help you set it up if you need, but its really self explanatory if you are already a novice DJ.

This is a great quality controller from one of the most well respected brands in music production equipment, so you’re guaranteed to have a good quality product that will last as long as you need it too. If you already use digital or even vinyl turntables, you will find this a great smaller and portable alternative when you need to do either quick or small gig, and don’t the time to carry anything bigger.

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