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Convert Vinyls to CD and Digital

[ 0 ] June 26, 2013 |

If you love music, then you will love the Ion It18 CD direct conversion turntable with CD recorder and speakers. It is a record player, a CD player a CD burner and works with many different vinyl speeds. The vinyl turntable is really a powerhouse for DJ’s and perfect to add to your music collection. It is designed with an easy to use interface, and a nice slick black finish.

What’s great about this fully functional and dynamic turntable is that it burns every CD without the need for a computer. You can simply place a vinyl record (either 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM speeds) in the record player and burn the music from the record onto a CD. The Ez vinyl converter software converts the audio from the record into an mp3 music file.

It also has added utility with the record player, CD player and built-in speakers that allow you to listen to either CDs or records anywhere. You can also use the included USB computer connection to transfer the music onto your computer or laptop. It is also Mac compatible, so this turntable is excellent for any music lover with a computer.

  •  Burn Vinyl Records Direct to CD.
  • USB Connection to PC, Mac, Tablets.
  • Built In Speaker System.

The turntable would make a great gift for the music enthusiast in your life or someone who still holds onto their record albums and LPs. The quality and unique feels also makes a great piece of musical equipment to have in a studio. You can transfer vintage vinyl music and mix it with your music. The Ion turntable is also perfect for DJs, club owners, or for a karaoke to get the party started.

Complement the purchase of your Ion It18 CD turntable with a pack of 50 Sony CR-R music recordable discs. The music you burn from the turntable can go on the recordable discs so you can listen to them on your laptop, in your car or CD player at home. Each disc holds up to 80 minutes of music or audio and comes with a convenient spindle to store and carry with you wherever you go.

Ion It18 turntable reviewNot only does this turntable give you so much for an affordable price, the quality of sound that it delivers is amazing. It records the music seamlessly and gives it that oldies feel from the record player. Why settle for having to listen to records on a record player when you can literally bring vinyls recorded onto a CD anywhere? You won’t be able to tell the difference between CDs from the store and music you burn onto your own recordable CDs. You can listen to old records in your car! How cool is that? Its the perfect for your older parent who might not be the best at working new technology. Its very user friendly.

The Ion It18 is easy to use, no matter your technical skill level. The instruction booklet that comes with it is very detailed and walks you through each step-by-step process for everything you will need. You can digitize your vinyl record collection, listen to actual vinyl records, listen to your CDs and transfer music to your tablet or ipad. The added bonus is you can share an old hobby with people for years to come. Bring back a timeless nostalgia over and over with this turntable that will supply great music and recordings. The Ion It18 turntable serves its purpose very well and cannot be matched in popularity, and how easy it is to convert your classic vinyl collection.

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