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Pioneer DJ – XDJ-XZ Controller for DJ’s

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Using the XDJ-XZ Controller for DJs to record your music will give you plenty of alternatives when it involves controlling the sound. Its functions are wonderful, and you’ll be able to create your mixes without difficulties. This is an excellent option for aspiring DJs, so keep reading for more details.


Whether a pro DJ or a mobile DJ seeking to add some advanced functions to your configuration, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Controller for DJs has a great deal to supply. This system is developed to be robust and durable and provides a professional level of connection options. It also features a bundled music monitoring software package and is compatible with Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro.

The all in one?

The Pioneer XDJ-XZ is a powerful and feature-rich controller. The controller has four channels, a mixer, and an array of performance pads. It likewise comes with a built-in Feedback Reducer that lessens frequency response. Its screen is additionally touch-responsive, which makes for a user-friendly interface.

Pioneer DJ controllers feature boosted screen visibility and have detailed controls for microphones. They likewise have three-band EQs for each channel and full-color waveforms. The controller is also compatible with exterior audio sources. It provides two RCA AUX inputs for channels 3 and 4.

Pioneer XDJ-XZ pads offer four primary pad modes. The pads include excellent travel and have an incredible feeling. They use Hot Cue and Beat Loop. The controller also includes eight Performance Pad settings, which allow you do a wide range of functions. These consist of Beat Jump, Slip Loop, Doubling, Halving, Reloop/Exit, and Hot Cue.

This awesome controller also features two different microphone inputs and a well-balanced TRS Booth connection. Each pad has an individual EQ and a 3-band EQ on the Master Output. The XDJ-XZ features a Feedback Reducer, which minimizes frequency feedback. It additionally offers the alternative of making use of an encoder. It can be used as a standalone device or connected to a computer system. The Pioneer XDJ-XZ also comes with a significant price tag, varying from US $2,200-$2,600.

This Pioneer all-in-one DJ system is also great for mobile DJs using rekordbox. The controller comes with exclusive music management software. But the DJs using this system need to upgrade the firmware. You can also import sound and video files from streaming services.

Key Features

XDJ-XZ is the latest all-in-one DJ controller from Pioneer. It has inherited the main functionality of Pioneer’s CDJ-2000NXS2 and the DJM-900NXS2 mixer but also includes several new features.

The Pioneer XDJ-XZ has a seven-inch touch-responsive screen that is easy to use and offers relevant info. While the display technology is not as advanced as the Pioneer XDJ-RX2’s, it’s easy to use and intuitive. The Pioneer XDJ-XZ uses a full range of connection choices, consisting of a phono input and RCA AUX input. It also has an unbalanced TRS Send and a balanced TRS Booth connection.

Walkthrough and tutorial

Pioneer’s new all-in-one system is an excellent option for DJs looking to upgrade from a CDJ or DJM. It has a complete list of professional features and a familiar club-standard layout. It’s an excellent choice for weddings, parties, and other special events. It isn’t the best choice for mobile DJs, but it only misses a few features.  

Pioneer’s XDJ-XZ consists of full-sized jog wheels, providing superb control. The jog wheels are mechanical, supplying superb sensitivity and responsiveness. The XDJ-XZ also uses a Vinyl Mode, which allows DJs to include vinyl speed adjust knobs to all tracks. It also uses various looping features, including Reloop/Exit, Halving, and Doubling.

The Pioneer XDJ-XZ likewise consists of a specialized twin mic area. The mixer section has four channels, although it only has 2 in standalone mode. Additionally, it has an RCA and XLR master output.

You get three-band EQ, a full-sized four-channel DJM mixer, a feedback reducer, and an onboard master EQ control area. XDJ-XZ also includes a range of hardware FX and features 16x beat pads and a dedicated clip light.

The Pioneer’s DJ system is a full-featured club-standard mixer with several standalone effects. You get a complete range of connection options with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox support. This makes it a fantastic option for professional DJs and or for home use.

Review Summary

XDJ-XZ DJ Controller is Pioneer’s latest four-channel DJ mixer. It’s an all-in-one DJ system with a 7-inch full-color LCD touchscreen that supports rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro, and Virtual DJ.

It has a three-band EQ for each channel. The screen interface is simple and very easy to navigate. The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ has 16 multicolored Performance Pads that allow you to trigger software-specific functions. With this controller, you’ll get 3 USB ports and a dedicated clip light. It also features exclusive music management software.

The XDJ-XZ controller for DJs includes full-sized jog wheels, an X-pad, and an X-Band. These functions are similar to those on the Pioneer DJM-2000 and DJM-900. There are six color FX and 14 Beat FX on the mixer. The mixer effects are powerful and sound awesome.

What you need to know

This controller offers an affordable option for mobile DJs. The system’s seven-inch main display shows Serato DJ waveforms. It has an On Jog Display in the center of each jog wheel. This allows DJs to browse through playlists and apply impacts. It also consists of an integrated master EQ control area.

You can use the two optional encoders to add more channels to your setup. You can use 2 channels as standalone units from the four. The best thing is that it’s strong & sturdy.

It’s important to note that this controller does not have the same attributes as the Denon DJ Prime 4. The Denon DJ Prime 4 has more power, four standalone channels, and a better display. It also gets key sync and onboard track evaluation. Software compatible with Prime 4 includes Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ, and Engine DJ software.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ controller for club DJs is an excellent option for mobile DJs looking for a four-channel DJ system. It’s an exceptional controller and offers a lot of professional performance. The most important aspect is the price. It’s an affordable option for DJs wanting a club-standard DJ setup.


Whether you’re a mobile DJ searching for a standalone system or a house DJ seeking a great mixer, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Controller is a strong selection. It has all the features you need to begin DJing, and it supports Serato DJ Pro, so you can play backtracks stored on your laptop or external hard disk drive.

The XDJ-XZ has four channels, a three-band EQ, and an integrated mixer. In addition to these attributes, the controller can be used for turntables and USB drive playback. It also has an X-pad for creative beat FX adjustment with six sound color FX.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ features a 7-inch touchscreen. It has the same touchscreen technology as the previous Pioneer XDJ-RX2 and Pioneer XDJ-RX3 systems but with some upgraded perks. For starters, the screen currently shows Serato DJ waveforms. There is likewise an on-jog display for track artwork.

An interesting feature of this machine is its two microphone channels and an AUX input, which lets you repeat songs from external playback devices. It additionally has three-band EQs and anti-feedback controls. If you use the controller for a laptop DJing configuration, you’ll also have rekordbox support.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ is an excellent investment choice for budding DJs. It’s the perfect standalone unit for expert events, with a sensible cost. Its functions are comprehensive, and its build quality is superb. However, it still falls short of Denon DJ Prime 4, considered the best standalone DJ controller. The Prime 4 has a better build quality, better screens, and key sync. It also has four independent channels for external devices, a built-in hard drive, and SD card inserts.

But if you’re searching for a controller that recreates the experience of the CDJ, the XDJ-XZ is your best choice. It’s the most extensive all-in-one device, but it isn’t a straight competitor to the Denon Prime 4. If you’re looking for a controller that collaborates with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, the Pioneer XDJ-XZ gives you that freedom.

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