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Stanton T62 direct drive turntable review

[ 3 ] March 20, 2013 |

Based upon the Stanton Top Selling Favorite for Dj’s and Vinyl lovers alike, the T. 60, the T. 62 is a simple to run, direct drive turntable best for DJs of any musical taste or experience level. The T. 62 features an effective motor with sturdy torque and a straight tone arm, which offers excellent mixing ability for scratch DJs especially.

The T. 62 additionally comes geared up with the excellent Stanton 500. v3 cartridge and a high quality slipmat for extra control, providing the best setup for perfect sound and efficiency.

Sound Quality

This turntable is fantastic and the sound quality will surpass your expectations. This turntable has nice torque however if you are into mixing you may require a much better slipmat or put a piece of wax paper under the slipmat, as it has the tendency to have a little bit too much friction. Read More >>

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500v3 Cartridge

500v3 Cartridge

500v3 Cartridge

The brand new 500v3 cartridge sounds wonderful with really reduced surface noise and tracks terrific at 3 grams (suggested variety is 2-5 grams). This turntable has a ground cable and there are no humming or whiring sounds.

Sound quality is really clear and while the plate itself is relatively lightweight the slipmat assists dampen it and you will not hear any resonance or various other obstruction in the noise. There is also no obvious motor sound or rumble that you sometimes get with a cheaper needle cartridge.


The turntable itself is strong and weighs about 17 pounds overall. The rca cables and power cable are removable which is a good attribute that even Technics turntables do not have. You can easily readjust the height of the feet for leveling the turntable however you can loosen the feet by turning them counter clockwise which will in turn raise that edge of the turntable. Generally this a fantastic turntable for the cash, and although the price is perfect for a budget, the design quality remains.



Stanton t62 turntable setup

You will have no difficulty putting together the turntable, simply put the pieces in their locations. There are directions included. The audio cables that are included, are quite short though, so if your various other audio devices are even more than 3 feet away, be prepared to buy some various other cables. You probably already have spare cables laying around, so this is not an issue.

Among things you might be trying to find in this turntable is the convenience of audio and transferring vinyl to mp3 format, and although there are lots of turntables out there that do this quickly, many of the testimonials for those turntables and the sound quality, give a poor conversion in the sound quality. With the Stanton T62 you will find the quality the best it can be.

You can simply link your amplifier output line to your computer system, download some complimentary programs including Audacity, and record with a much better sound quality.

This is a amazing turntable for people who enjoys vinyl, and if you’re a DJ or a traditional music fan, then you must add this to your collection of music equipment. Click here to find out more.


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  1. Avatar Jase says:

    Is this an easy turntable to learn to scratch on, or should I just by a digital controller?

    • Avatar DJ Markoshi says:

      While controllers are great and convenient, learn on turntables first. It’s like learning how to run before you know how to walk.

  2. Avatar Marlene kock says:

    We’re can I get a spear needle for Stanton T60

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